Watch Them Wander Coming Soon

So I’ve written three new books in a series called The Colossus of Rhodes Series, and I’m putting the first book Watch Them Wander out entirely for free.

watch them wander_front


It revolves around a teenager named Samantha Rhodes who has wandered a post-apocalyptic wasteland in bleakest solitude since her war-torn childhood. Until the day where she finds an animatronic genie in the sand capable of reversing her fortunes, and fulfilling her wildest wishes.

It started as an obscure writing prompt response I’d made on a Reddit post that didn’t get an insane amount of visibility compared to other posts I’ve written, but it snowballed into something much more when the story and the setting just stuck with me for months after the fact. And although much of what I initially imagined on the first write through remains within the finished product, I would say I ended up writing a vastly different book/book series than the one I expected to write.

The “Colossus” in the series is Samantha’s giant, animatronic genie named Adam. And I maintain a strong sub-element of mystery all throughout the story with regards to just what Adam’s intentions actually are, and precisely what the nature of Samantha’s reality truly is.

I’m currently waiting on the cover art for the second book. And with the set up I plan on using I really don’t want to put out the first book without also having the second book in tow as well. I may take some time before I publish the third book titled Elysium since I have yet to commission additional cover art for it. But all three books are completed and I do intend to put them out as soon as possible for all who may be interested in what I’m writing lately.

I apologize for not updating so much on my blog as of late, but I’ve really put a strong focus on expanding my backlist lately. And I really wanted to get this series written out first before returning to blogging any more. I’ve written two other books in a series that I intend to publish in the future as well, however my immediate focus will remain on this Colossus of Rhodes series for the near future. The books stand at approximately 65000 words, 74000 words, and 76000 words in books 1-3 respectively, and if they gain sufficient traction I have very real intentions of expanding the series further beyond even that if there are enough readers.

I hope that even though it doesn’t fit quite so neatly into any exact comparative category of similarly written titles that it will find its audience given enough time and exposure. To help smooth over this concern of it being too different to gain traction, I’ve made the first book free to better ensure that it will get into as many hands and ebook readers as possible.

The genre is Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Young Adult fiction, with a strong sub-element of mystery, and as soon as it’s live I’ll be sure to make another post here to make any and all interested readers reading this blog aware of its launch.