Without Music

Music is like magic.

It makes little sense to me how a song can sometimes just hit me without my being able to properly justify why it makes me feel quite so. There are too many examples to count of that in music.

We hear the right song, we can’t get it out of our heads. We hear a certain song, it changes our mood. We hear another song, moods change again. Music can sway our emotions, can sway our thoughts. It can anchor our memories. Then at a later playing take captive those dormant, forgotten, back of your mind thoughts.

And make you remember some loose fragment of a time.

An uplifting song can get you through the down times. A sad one can remind you that you’re not the first to feel sadness, and ease the pain of going at the world alone. Upbeat songs can move crowds. National anthems can move nations.

And some songs just make you feel like you’re floating on air, and make you wonder at life. Those are my favorites. Songs that just make you sink out of the troubles of the moment and make you want to think on what it’s all about really. Why are we all here? What experiences are there waiting for us across the horizon? Is the world all probability and chance or is it perchance partly driven by fate? And in the end maybe even think on how there even is an “I” to think on these things in the first place.

And when I get into those types of moods, that stray thought from a 19th Century mind long since passed still lingers and rings as true now as it did when first it was spoken.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Thinking On A Night Sky

Life is no mistake.

145 thoughts on “Without Music

  1. Nice observations. A world without music: no thanks. I try to recognize the contributions made by composers in the films I discuss, and herald the overlooked.

    • I can’t even imagine what kind of place the world would be like without music. And that’s the truth too many under-appreciated composers in famous films with iconic music! Thank you for the kind comment!!

  2. I really enjoy the music that makes one muse about the grand all of everything. Or the sweeping epic soundtracks that can take a person on a grand adventure. Music is one of the few universal solvents in life and without it, we’d all probably be in handbaskets swinging in hell someplace. Great words!

    • Universal solvent that is a very unique way of putting it haha it’s great when you can get a song that takes your problems and dissolves them away in a solution, thank you for your kind words all the best!! πŸ™‚

  3. Best best best line “without music life would be a mistake” this line is engraved in my mind, loved it is I’m going to steal away this line and is seeking your permission plzzzz …

    • I love that line too it’s a quote from a 19th century philosopher by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche, I identify as an existentialist and I’ve been influenced by philosophers like him but that is most certainly a Nietzsche quote not mine I wish it was mine haha

  4. I compose piano music. It is music to dream by. When I was a little girl I wanted to write the most beautiful music in the world. I’m not saying it is, but I wanted to write music that affected my emotions. Today, after a many years of playing my fingers know how to play what I feel and I crawl into my music and improvise how I feel. I wouldn’t normally do this on someone’s post except that I think this is what you mean when you talk about music. II hope you enjoy. http://soundcloud.com/sonni-quick

    • Wow that was very pretty music and a beautiful title “Heal a Damaged Heart” it was a soft but thoughtful piece I enjoyed listening to it, you have a clean style of playing I tend to attempt really crazy songs but I just play them not as well as they could be played haha but you have a very smooth style thank you so much for sharing your creation!!!

      • Thank you Oscar. For me it’s a way to put my emotions into a physical form. I close my eyes and let my fingers express what they feel. I play it back days later and rarely remember what I play. It took me 61 years to get here. I came close to dying a few years ago. Now every minute is full of life. Some people just wait to die because the think they are going to a palace in the heavens and forget about the palace of their life right here. I wish only the very best for you. Youth is inside our minds. The outside is only a shell.

        • You’re more than welcome that’s incredible, I haven’t ever had that type of near death experience to bring me face to face with my mortality I can only imagine how much it can change a person, and I hear you that we need to recognize all the opportunity that there is in now and in our lives as they are and that we can’t know for certain what lies beyond these moments of life. I am still uncertain as to how I feel about what happens when we pass but I’m hopeful there’s more to existence than just what meets the eye. But we certainly can’t let our lives pass us by without striving to find paradise in now, and your having come to a place of fulfillment with a craft like piano playing shows me you have tasted what it really means to be alive and to express yourself fully, I wish only the very best for you as well and I love those closing lines the “Youth is inside our minds. The outside is only a shell” I’ll do well to remember that thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment πŸ™‚

          • Thank you Oscar. No one can ever really know what happens next but i think a good indication is watching what happens to all other life. it goes through a cycle of birth, aging sickness and death – and then there is birth aging sickness and death. All of nature goes through this cycle. Our seasons do as well. Why would it be different for us. I know many people want to think we go to a heaven and live in perfection for the rest of eternity but personally – I hope not. it sounds boring. The joys we have in life come from overcoming obstacles – from learning – from trying new things and maybe even failing and trying again. How do we perfect ourselves as human beings if it doesn’t matter, if all we have to do is ask for forgiveness and then our consequences go away. What then is the point of overcoming the part of our nature that causes our problems because of the way we act toward people? Why even try? I think that paradise – or heaven if you wish – is here on earth and not some place you go to when you die. many people give up having dreams and goals when they think they are to old, and gee, what would people think? There is definitely more to life than what meets the eye and I will never give trying to make the most of every minute!

  5. I saw a TV programme the other day that made the claim that music is one of the things that separates us from the other animals and has made our way of life possible. I was reminded when I read this too of William Styron’s book about his period of suicidal depression – what lifted him from considering suicide to deciding to get treatment was hearing the Brahms Alto Rhapsody, That’s a piece of music that has exactly the same effect on me.

    • I’d never actually heard that piece of music but I’ll be sure to listen to it, I wish I was more familiar with the individual classical pieces. Music can really work that type of effect on people it’s startling how much power there is in it, thank you so much for your kind comment!!

    • It’s the truth and that’s a timely comment I’ve had a particularly rough day haha it’s incredible how we strong a sense of connection music can draw from us thank you so much for the kind comment!!

  6. This post was truly amazing, and music does have it’s own characteristics, and it’s own personality, it sometimes seems. The world would be so strange, and seem like a whole different planet with no music! Take it from Annie, the musical. Her life is music. Without music, she’d wouldn’t be herself! You put it all into amazing words to describe music, and how it is magic all around the world. Your post was great! πŸ™‚

  7. I agree 100%. When I am in a certain mood and that one song comes on….or I search for that one song that I know will fit my mood just right. It’s pure bliss. From the tips of my hair to the soles of my feet. I feel it deep in my soul.

    • I search out for certain songs when I get into certain moods too, it’s amazing how universal this seems to be I always thought it was just me who had such strongly anchored thoughts to specific songs, music hits a part of our being like nothing else thank you for reading!!

    • That’s a great way of putting it, how music and stories can take us elsewhere. It’s a fantastic feeling connecting with a song and letting it take you where it will, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment!!

  8. It is a blessing to be able to appreciate music. It is one of those indulgences which helps a soul grow. Ludovico Einaudi is one of my favorite music composers. I have always found an aura of calm and peace around me when I listen to his compositions. Any music that moves you is special and holds a meaningful place in your life. The best thing about this is you can revisit them and fall in love with them all over again, thanks to today’s technology. (y)

    • It is beautiful how today’s technology allows us to enjoy any kind of music we connect with at a moment’s notice, truly extraordinary when you get to thinking about it. Einaudi gives me a sense of calm as well, and his music certainly does hold a meaningful place in my life I have many anchored thoughts to his songs. It really is a blessing to listen to beautiful music thank you so much for your kind comment!!

  9. I’d not heard this artist before, which is definitely my loss. So thank you for introducing him to me and thereby enriching my world. It is a beautiful piece.

    • Music is medicine indeed and my apologies!! And all the best to you in your fight that’s crazy how the insurance company wasn’t more clear with you about what your full out of pocket costs were going to be, I’ve seen the struggle first hand with my father and I know it’s no easy road but just from what I’ve read of your blog you have an incredible positive attitude, and that type of mindset some people never find within their whole lifetimes I can see that it will strengthen you on your journey stay strong like you are πŸ™‚

  10. Gosh goosebumps..I was contemplating writing about the same qualities of music and how it helps me and how I can relate..Well done πŸ™‚

  11. “Pyaar nahin hai surr se jisko wo moorakh insaan nahin.
    jeevan mein agar sangeet na hota koi Kisi ka meet na hota.

    Pyaar nahin hai surr se jisko wo moorakh insan nahin. Surr insan bana deta hai, surr Rehman Mila deta hai.”

  12. I forgot to translate my language.

    “the one who doesn’t love music, he’s a fool! If there was no music in the Universe, there wouldn’t have existed soulmates.
    The one who doesn’t love music, he’s a fool! Music can turn an animal into a human, Music can help you find God.”

    • This is a really beautiful quote I tried to google translate it before but I couldn’t discern it haha thank you so much for sharing it!! I don’t know how anyone could not love music thank you so much for the kind comment and happy blogging!!

        • Apologies for the late reply thank you so much for your kind words!! And that sounds like an amazing song, and I love Einaudi too very happy to know he goes well appreciated thank you so much once again for your kind comment and all the best!!!

  13. Absolutely beautiful and to the point. I recently found a post that that describes music similarly:

    It gives Soul to the Universe
    Wings to the Mind
    Flight to the Imaginattion
    Life to Everything.

    I stumbled acrossed this as I was recently thinking about my my mother, who passed away on July 2014, and as I was ramdomly fiddling with my iPod, I came across a Playlist I’d completely forgotten about – My Parent’s Music.

    As I clicked on it and the music started playing I was instantly transported to a time I’d forgotten.

    A simpler time.

    A time in which I started to be associate music to my mother and father and how my father would sing the love songs from their generation to my mother, and I got to admit, my dad had a great voice, which I apparently did not aquire.

    There are many memories and so many songs that I can instantly remember remember where I was, who I was with , the feelings I had at the time,

    Your post did the same as I played the song you also posted…

    Thank you

    • I apologize for the late reply, you’re more than welcome thank you so much for this beautiful and heartfelt comment. My father passed away in 2014 too I know the hurt and I’m sorry for your loss, his passing affected me deeply he was probably the nicest person I’ve ever known, and he never imposed any perspective of what life I had to live on me he let me find my own way and navigate my own path and there’s really nothing that can fill the gap of the honest love of a caring parent, I completely empathize. Music does much the same for me, the right song can bring you back to memories you forgot you had. I’m happy that my post brought you to reminisce, you’ll always have those memories no matter what. Those are beautiful words in that post you cited as well, just altogether a very beautiful comment thank you so much for taking the time to connect!!!

  14. Beautiful! Please continue writing. You are absolutely right. Life is no mistake. What if the word “life” came to life. I wonder what would it say about us and to us? It is amazing how we choose music to minister to us, but when the music stops we tend to stop. Although the rhythm ceased, the beat of one’s heart should continue.

    • Wow a very beautiful comment thank you so much for this!! And I appreciate the push to keep going I have every intention of writing for many many decades if possible, it is interesting how music speaks to us in ways that words cannot, but you’re right that we must keep going even after the music has ceased we must stay in a state of action and flow thank you so much once again and all the best to you!! πŸ™‚

  15. This a very deep post. I really like what you said. We do live in a world with music. We should appreciate it. It makes life special. πŸ™‚

  16. Music is my muse. I love listening to it. Like you said, it changes your mood. Happy music makes you feel happy and sas music makes you feel sad. I love when I hear a favorite song it makes me giddy.

    • Apologies for the late reply music is truly amazing, it really can alter your mood been having some rough days lately I need to listen to something cheery and uplifting haha thank you so much for the kind comment!!

  17. Music is the great communicator. It speaks to our souls our very essence. You know, we don’t only just hear music when we listen to it, but actually feel it whether we realize it or not. Sometimes I say, “Know music, know life, no music, no life”.

  18. Something about this piece of music and what you wrote to go with it just cut right through. So easy to get disconnected. Thank you for reminding me. Beautiful, truly. So glad I found this today…

    • I really appreciate your kind words thank you so much for taking the time to comment this!! It means the world to me to know people connect to pieces I write, Ludovico Einaudi’s an amazing composer any words I write can’t do his music proper justice but I tried to compliment his brilliance as best I could, thanks so much once again and all the best to you!! πŸ™‚

      • I’ve been listening to him now the entire day since stumbling on your blog. I got a little obsessed this afternoon! Anyway, I was very inspired by your words as well and as I was reading it seemed to time perfectly with the music. Don’t know how that’s even possible but very cool. Thanks for posting!

        • Happy to introduce you to a new artist!! I’ve been obsessed with his music for a while haha he and Yann Tiersen are a couple of my favorite piano composers, and I’m inspired to know that you felt something reading what I’ve written and I’m happy it timed well with the music I did my best for it to flow with the song, no problem at all thank you so much for reading!! πŸ™‚

    • No problem at all thank you for your kind comment!! It’s been a source of much of the same for me, it warms my heart to know you were moved by this piece thank you so much once again for taking the time to reach out!! πŸ™‚

        • I’m truly very sorry to hear about your state at the moment but your blog premise is a positive and inspirational one, I’m not in quite such a circumstance but I’ve definitely suffered in cages of my own making and found that books and writing have greatly aided me in dealing with my own silent struggles and battles with depression. Keep the strength thank you so much for taking the time to connect I wish you nothing but the best as you continue in your life’s journey πŸ™‚

  19. Music is without doubt the best language. I love almost every genre and style as it is unique and perfect in it’s own way. lovemykindamusic.wordpress.com

  20. Dear Oscar~Once again you have touched the soul. Wishing you so much Light and Joy on your journey. May you always have the time to be in the awareness of the beautiful connection we have with the Supremely Beloved. You seem like a soul who is deeply interested in this relationship…I’m not sure where you live, but if you have a Raja Yoga Meditation Center around~you will be delightfully lifted by the atmosphere created through constant connection with the Beloved Mother Father that is very palpable in their centers! I would be happy to share with you some guided meditations…can send to your email address, if you wish! Let me know.
    Many Blessings,
    Donna aka Shivalaya

    • I appreciate the kind and heartfelt comment!! The names may be different but I certainly believe that there is a Higher Power and I’m most certainly deeply interested in better connecting with the spiritual side of existence!! I really do need to get some meditation in tonight I appreciate the reminder haha many all the best to you and happy blogging!! πŸ™‚

  21. That is a beautiful piece of music. I agree that music is just an indispensible part of life. When I travel I like to listen to music that matches that area: in Hawaii, native Hawaiian, in Utah and Arizona, Native American, and in Italy, Italian pop music. And when I am sad or lonely, it has to be Stevie Nicks. Music for me IS like a soundtrack of my life.

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