Movement vs. Action

My life’s gained quite a bit of overall activity as of late, and in the midst of all this activity I’m reminded of an Ernest Hemingway quote that I’ve loved for a very long time, which is that we must “Never confuse movement with action.”

Hemingway was famous for having a very active lifestyle. He traveled all over the globe. He reported on the Spanish Civil War. He went on safari in Africa. He interacted with countless lives, had countless adventures, basically any words I write can only bring forth bland images of his vibrant life well-lived. I could only dream of living quite so active a life, but I’m sure some people out there will be blessed enough to live just as fully as Hemingway did.

I’ve done my best to stay in a state of doing in my life, I just try to stay moving as much as I can. But there are moments where I feel this strong impulse to take a step back, take a deep breath, and remind myself that anything I do should be for a productive purpose. That I shouldn’t just be doing things for the sake of doing things. For the sake of established habit. I should be taking actions for the sake of improving myself as an individual, and doing what I can to improve upon those actions to optimize their benefit.

But there are sudden moments where I find myself wondering if it’s all futility. If I’m just Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill, and that life is just a strange punishment for some original sin of existing. Some joke of a Higher Power on us all.

I’ve been in a state of constant happy movement, but I had a weird, sleepy, semi-objective look at my life today while I was waking up. A rampage of questions bombarded my groggy mind. Am I taking the steps I need to take with my life? Is this a place from which I can springboard into something more? Will things shift? I feel okay about the trajectory brought on by my life’s more recent actions, but in my more introspective moments, questions like that haunt me. I’m sure they haunt most of us, but maybe it’s just me. I hope it’s just me. I’d wish that type of sudden hesitation on no one.

I’m not advocating second-guessing every other step you take in life, nobody can live like that. He who hesitates plays a dangerous game. But I do think it’s best, in the midst of heightened movement in life, to occasionally take a step back and try to ask yourself hard questions about your actions. To see where you’re going to make sure you’re moving in a good direction.

But when you know you’re doing what you need to do in your life, and you’re taking productive actions that bring you forward, and that state of action brings you joy, there’s only one real option from that point onward.

Push harder every damn day.

375 thoughts on “Movement vs. Action

  1. It’s so easy to get caught in the movements when the results bring a personal joy and success. I agree, a step back to examine your trajectory and state of self is vital, especially to ensure moves made are not just that, but also weigh in purposes. Interesting post, leaving me pensive 🙂

    • So grateful you enjoyed the post!! I’m happy it resonated with you, it’s not at all my intention to get anybody second guessing their decisions but I was just having a sort of pensive day haha thanks for the comment!!

  2. Great post. I do like to “check in with myself” often and make sure Im on the course Ive intended. I think reflection, though it appears idle, is productive-much more productive than random activity.

    • Thank you so much!! I agree I do think reflection is important, we need to always be examining ourselves and our ambitions and what actions we’re taking to better ourselves and improve our lots in life, thank you for the comment!!

  3. A great posting, thanks. I must admit I’ve always tried to be something of a free spirit. I remember in one of the plays I wrote over 25 years ago now (“Cloud Mother” was the name of the play), the character said, “You cling to grass in a windy storm and you’ll not let yourself be blown nowhere.” I like to think there’s a certain adventure in taking life as it comes!

    • Wow that’s a very interesting line!! I agree that it’s best to be a free spirit and taking life as it comes, finding ways to navigate through life that way can certainly yield opportunities that more rigid approaches don’t allow for, thank you for this kind and productive comment!!

  4. Just asking these questions suggest that you’re on the right track. Do you think Hemingway didn’t have these thoughts? I think he had a motherload of questions! A great post!

  5. Don’t let it get you down! In actual fact, Sisyphus was being punished by Zeus for his wrongdoings, so theoretically, he deserved his fate. The French philosopher Sartre said that we should concentrate not on the bit where Sisyphus is pushing the rock up the hill, but rather, we should imagine his pleasure as he walks back down the slope, taking in the view, looking at the birds and trees etc etc. Anyway, it’s a thought!

      • Wish I were more familiar with their perspectives on these topics, I’ve read quotes of Camus and Sartre in passing but I’m less familiar with them than I need to be, thank you for the comment!!

    • Thank you for this positive comment!! That’s interesting I actually never really knew what the mythology was around Sisyphus, and I’m not too familiar with Sartre beyond his talking about how thinking about any individual thing for too long leads you to believe that thing and all dimensions of that thing to be absurd haha but I do believe I have heard that Sartre perspective before that we should imagine Sisyphus is happy in his daily toils! It is a productive thought!!

    • I think I’m now realizing that I may have mixed up perspectives or possibly mistook Sartre’s perspective for Camus’s perspective I apologize haha it’s been a long day but thank you once again for the comment!!

  6. Good day Mr. Relentos, about to get up and start my day, I was mulling over e mails and account balances on my computer, trying to keep my mind busy as it is Vet day for my dog. A test for Cushings disease, but I do not like to leave her at the vet and she must stay for three to four hours. I happened upon this, your most recent post, and could relate to it. At times I wonder if all my education, all my thinking about the world and all the “whys” that come with it, have enriched my life…or just complicated it. i like the imagination aspect of ifwknifton’s post, and thanks to all for their enlightening words above. I can see, now that I am retired, that life is totally what we make of it from second to second, the responsibility is tiring at first and something I previously thought fate would take care of.
    If anyone has a nifty, brilliant, simple equation on how to feel fulfilled about life on a daily basis, please post it. Thanks Oscar for starting my day out with a smile! Anita

    • Good day to you as well! It’s true I sometimes wonder if the wondering is a productive thing in the first place but I just can’t help it sometimes, hope your dog’s doing well! That was an interesting perspective in jfwknifton’s comment, and I agree that life is really what we make of it and not left to the whims of fate as far as we know, so it’s no good to believe in fate because if it exists or doesn’t exist, ultimately our lives will remain as they are, I don’t know if that makes sense I’m pretty drained from the day haha but I too wish an all-encompassing equation for fulfillment in life were available so happy you enjoyed my post and very very happy to have gotten your day started with a smile!! 🙂

  7. Hi Oscar,

    Not sure if this will reach you, I’m just following what it says on my email and hoping for the best.

    Just wanted to once again tell you that *you write incredibly well!* This post really resonates with me, since I’ve become quite busy of late myself. In fact, I haven’t been able to write my next WordPress post yet, ahh!

    We all have our moments of insecurity, believe me. As a 20 something still searching for my first break in advertising, I can attest to that.

    The trick is to *push through *(like you put it so aptly) and give it your all, and *believe* that the *stars will line up for you.*

    I’m glad I subscribed to your blog, looking forward to your next post! 🙂

    Cheers, Karan

    • Hi Karan,
      Thank you so much for the kind compliment of my writing!! Every subscriber is a blessing it means the world to me to have readers and I’m especially overjoyed when I feel I can somehow help get to the heart of matters that resonate with us all, I’m very happy the post resonates with you. It’s my desire to connect with something true for others as well as for myself when I can, I’m a 20 something as well navigating through a world with paths unclear.
      Hopefully if we keep at it the stars line up for us both! Hope you get your break in advertising and best wishes in your pushing through the challenges of life!!

      • I just checked in to see if my comment went through, I’m glad I did cos I’ve just seen your reply.
        I know how incredible it feels when you write something meaningful that manages to strike a chord with people, keep going, you’re doing it right.
        Thank you so much for the well wishes!
        Finally, I wish you the same with your journey. I’m sure as I read more of your blog, I will probably learn more about your dreams and aspirations. Until then, happy days!

        • You are very welcome for the well wishes, I hope I can continue to produce posts which resonate with others I hope I’m doing it right!! And thank you for the well wishes on my journey, feel free to drop by whenever you so desire!! Happy days to you as well and take care!!

  8. My mother always told me that the only thing worse than making a wrong decision is making no decision at all. I had just graduated and it was like standing in a corridor with all these options, but I stayed floundering wondering which one was that “perfect” answer, instead of actively testing my options. Now I don’t think. I simply take the next logical step, which also encompasses backtracking if need be, but hey even rivers wind to the sea.

    • My apologies for getting to this late I thought I’d answered all comments here, I agree we need to be decisive in our lives, exploring our options like you said, finding what path is right for us by testing out new paths, and sometimes we realize a path was a mistake and that’s okay, we learn and try again with a fresher and better informed perspective. Thank you for the insightful comment!!

  9. I enjoyed this post. I believe that often times we are so busy being “busy” that we miss out on some very important things and end up going in the wrong direction. It’s good to reassess our actions periodically.

  10. Hello again, Oscar… I finished reading the comments after reading your post and what impressed me most of all is that you are attentive to what people are expressing to you and incredibly kind, receptive and encouraging in response… so no matter what choices you are making to “self improve” or imbibe with purpose and meaning for your life, you have a very sweet being or positive core that you are already working from. I like you. 🙂

    • Hi again Katherine! Those are very kind words I don’t quite know what to say haha thank you for that, I try to be all those things you mentioned in responding to readers because I know they took the time to interact with me in a thoughtful manner and it’s only right that I reciprocate in kind, I just love that anybody is checking out my blog it trips me out still, just in all things in life I try to be kind to all who show me respect and show me love and to keep a positive mindset as much as is humanly possible. Thanks again for this sweet comment and thanks again for introducing me to that Carroll Spinney documentary haha cheers Katherine!

    • Thank you!! I’d definitely say one of my favorite quotes is this Hemingway quote haha another one of my favorite quotes is a Murakami quote which goes “There’s no such thing as perfect writing, just like there’s no such thing as perfect despair.” That one always resonated with me, and somehow made me feel more free to write my own way. Happy blogging!!

  11. When I worked in music I used to almost meet myself coming back, I was so frantically busy. Now I write and I have to make myself busy, and make myself produce, as having so much time on my hands it might easily take me all day to do nothing and so I am strict with myself…I work hard but I enjoy it. Such a fab blog, thanks for finding my author blog and directing me here. Wishing you time and success and a happy weekend. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind compliment of my blog, I hear you on that busy type of schedule, and it’s great that you enjoy the hard work of writing and producing, it’s a rewarding experience!! I wish you all the time and success in the world and a happy weekend to you as well!! Cheers!!

  12. Reblogged this on stayfoolish2day and commented:
    Very impressive dialogue by Oscar Relentos to distinguish between Movement vs. Action.
    We need to be productive.
    We must ask ourself each day ‘Am I Productive & Using All My Energy or Resources?’
    After several no, you will soon have a day when you shall answer ‘yes’.

  13. Hello Mr Relentos, I enjoy the fact that you write on such varied topics. Thank you for liking my blog post. I am a new entrant to the world of blogging and gestures like yours help to boost my confidence!

    • No problem at all very happy to help boost your confidence!! And I’m glad you like the fact that I write on varied topics I mainly write on things that are immediately on my mind and do my best to make it of some value to readers so hearing that you like that approach is great to know, thank you for the comment!!

  14. Oscar Thank you!
    My “morning pages” had me flowing into this same realization today as I traveled through my past several years in which I was doing a whole lot of “doing just to have done” (and a lot of “running” as well).
    Now, in the velvet throne of motherhood, I am faced daily with the joy of action with a purpose – an artful, beautiful purpose – one which invites more life to spring from it.

    So I have LOVED reading your very well-expressed post on this topic.
    Actually I love your whole blog – you use your space and words and energy so well and communicate not only relevant thoughts but uplifting, “higher consciousness” ones.
    I do not choose to have a lot of time to read and follow blogs but yours I will make an exception for. 🙂
    Thank you Oscar!

    Yours truly,
    Emily Rose

    • Motherhood is a life filled with tremendous purpose I wish you nothing but the best with such a blessing!! And I’m so happy you enjoyed reading my post along with the other posts on my site it means the world to me to have readers, and it’s tremendous to get such positive and thoughtful comments like this one it inspires me to keep at it thank you so much for this!! I hope I’m able to provide value with what posts I put up, feel free to stop by any time you so desire believe me when I say every new reader is valued, I’ve gone so long writing in a vacuum thank you so much once again for checking out my blog 🙂

      • Oscar its my pleasure! Your zest is contagious. And like I said you’re a most excellent writer! Thank you for valuing our time as readers and truly “crafting.”

    • Thank you so much Irene!! I appreciate the compliment on my writing voice and I very much appreciate your readership every new follower gives me a good dopamine rush haha thank you for checking out my blog!! 🙂

  15. There’s a lot of truth here and I enjoy your writing. Certainly there’s a need for balance between activity and reflection. In our culture, I do think we get so caught up in being “busy” that we don’t take time to reflect.

    • Very happy you enjoy my writing style, gives me strength to keep going to hear kind comments like this. I know that I have a strong tendency to get so busy that I forget to reflect and I agree that it does seem to be something common and semi-ingrained in our culture, hopefully we can all strike our balance in life, thank you once again for the kind comment 🙂

  16. Movement is a trap we all fall into. Busyness makes us feel productive, even when we produce nothing. Wanting your actions to be truely productive is a nice sentiment, but be weary you don’t fall into an idea of productivity or self improvement that others has imposed on you to their benefit. Don’t regret activities done for their own sake. There is value in just being in the moment.

    • I completely agree, busyness does give us comfort in the illusion of action. It’s oftentimes hard to differentiate between the two, and a lot of the times we don’t know the difference between action and movement until years down the road when we see where our movements or actions have taken us. And that’s very true, there is innate personal value in many different actions and there is value in just being in the moment like you said, and I’m in no way against that, but I am certainly partly speaking out against pressures which others impose upon you under the guise of helping you. And I do believe there are certain actions that can be good within the moment in moderation, but if done in excess they become a detriment to your living a fulfilling life. I may not be articulating that as well as I would like I apologize for that haha but thank you so much for the comment!!

  17. Hi Oscar, you sly fox. You really know how to reach people, and your writing is great. Of course not everyone is an introspective personality. With some people it’s always, “ship the anchor, and full steam ahead!” I am a big believer in “failing your way to success”. Perfectionism is paralyzing and becomes an excuse for not really trying. It’s also a sign that someones ego is too concerned with the opinions of others. If we are engaged in an activity we find personally joyful, then it is only ourselves that we have to please, and anyone else we make happy is simply a bonus. If I rounded up a thousand publishers and had them all lined up in a row, and told you that 3 out of the thousand would publish your next book, if you just asked them to, how long do you think it would take you to find those three? Writers need to encourage each other because if you’re not a writer then guess what,…your a critic! And we have enough of those out there, don’t we?

    • Haha thank you so much for the compliments!! I agree I also believe in constantly trying and failing fast so you can figure out newer and more refined approaches that can also fail in their own unique and informative ways. I completely agree that we as writers need to encourage one another as well it’s a very rare occasion where I feel any sort of impulse to criticize a creative work, there really are enough critics out there for that. Hopefully I can find those three publishers someday haha thank you so much for the positive comment and it’s very true that the writing in and of itself is its own reward and all else beyond is just a nice and welcome bonus 🙂

  18. Reflection is always good. I have found myself for health reasons, living a much slower paced life lately and it’s not all bad. But I need to have a purpose and goal, a direction, instead of wandering aimlessly which I feel I’ve been doing lately. Working to find that purpose.

    • I wholeheartedly believe a slower paced life can certainly still be an action filled life, just at a good and sustainable pace 🙂 I agree we need to reflect from time to time, and I hope you are able to find your clarity sometime in the near future!! Best of luck to you as you strive for your own personal meaning, it’s a journey we all must take

  19. This was a great read. I can’t help but say that I too have those questions, and they are haunting.
    Looking forward to reading more of what you write.

    • Thank you so much for the kind compliment!! I hate to say that after thinking about it more I believe it’s more likely than not that such thoughts haunt a good number of people, myself very much so included. And you’re more than welcome, thank you so much for your readership and for checking out my blog 🙂

    • True you could view Hemingway’s life from a lot of different angles haha but can’t deny the man could write, and I agree the quote’s a good quote as are many Hemingway quotes 🙂

  20. It could be said that Hemingway’s constant forward motion was in an effort to stimulate his writing through his experiences. It was done with that sole purpose in mind and was to please no-one but himself. That could be construed as selfish. Surely it’s far better to travel but to occasionally pause to be sure that what you’re experiencing is providing you with personal growth and hopefully bettering the world by your actions.
    We surely have to consider the wellbeing of those we travel with or towards rather than out own self satisfaction.
    Maybe our journeys won’t always be as exciting as those of some writers, but they can have the same or higher value if we gave them thought.

    • That’s a very inspirational thought, that even if the journeys we go on aren’t as exciting as others, that they may still hold greater meaning in the end than those more exciting journeys, thank you for that perspective it does bear repeating and bearing in mind. It’s important to experience personal growth, and personal growth doesn’t always arise from an exciting life. Sometimes living a hedonistic life can make us miserable, it’s true we can live lives of value without them being excessively pleasureful or exciting, thank you for the enlightening and insightful comment!! 🙂

  21. Hi Oscar – thanks for the like on my recent post. Great, thought-provoking piece. My thoughts are – whether we’re being pushed along by external forces not within our control, or whether we’re the captains of our own progress is the real question. We can’t avoid those external factors (family, opinion of our peers, money needs etc.) , but finding the balance is the important thing. It can be difficult to achieve.

    • It can be very difficult to achieve I wholeheartedly agree. It’s true we can’t always avoid those external factors, but we certainly need to find that balance. Thank you for the comment!!

  22. I loved this post and I think it something all motivated people struggle with. Is it a time for action or inaction? Am I on the right path? Is it time to actually step back or am I being lazy or running from something? In times like these, I look for signs. Not huge signs like lightning bolts but small ones like little coincidences and unsolicited encouragement or advice. Or is everything in life against me on this? Am is beig tenacious or blind to the universe trying to tell me this might not be the way? It’s not easy to tell and sometimes you just have to leap and hope it’s the right choice. Great blog and thank for the like. as someone just starting out it meant a lot to me.

    • Very happy you enjoyed this post!! It’s true it’s not easy to tell at times but you just have to take that leap of faith to know. You’re more than welcome for the like you have some eclectic taste in cities haha reading that post definitely made me want to travel more!! Very happy you enjoy my blog and best of luck to you with your starting your blog happy blogging!!

  23. “Push harder every day”. Thank you for that! Those words have given me an “aha” moment. As a writer, I need to be more disciplined and need to not be lazy. I’m taking those words to heart! Best!, Cathe

  24. wonderful post! I agree, we can all have the thoughts of doing something but taking the action to make it happen is the hard part. Lucky are those that have found and can follow their bliss! Michelle

    • Hey Oscar, thanks for the note about the poem, amazing how these things find their way around. Good luck with the novel, etc. Write a million words as an apprentice and then you are well trained. Sometimes it takes five books to just get started, writing is something you have to do or you just don’t do it at all.

      • No problem at all that was an interesting piece with the constant echoing of “your true __” after every line, I liked the “work for the good of all beings, your true profession” portion interesting read!! And that’s the truth need to crank out the bad passages to get to the good ones, I’ll write two million if I have to it’s a long apprenticeship. Thank you so much for the comment!!

      • Ah Oscar, another principle of writing is that, unless you are a fucking literary genius like Dostoyevski or Vonnegut you have to do a bunch of bad writing before you can start doing the good writing. Its tough because we are all so invested in what we write. I write something and immediately think it is the greatest thing ever and then the next day reread it and wonder what the hell was I thinking. So it takes real dedication and sounds like you have a good dose of that.

  25. Wise words indeed. Just given me a little jolt right on time and reminded me of the poster a friend of mine had back in the late 1960s ‘Remember. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life,’

    • Hemingway was full of wise sayings, happy to help grant you any sort of positive jolt I can!! I really like that quote too definitely worth remembering that one as well 🙂

  26. “A rampage of questions bombarded my groggy mind. Am I taking the steps I need to take with my life? Is this a place from which I can springboard into something more? Will things shift?” …I really enjoyed your post, and I do agree on questioning a lot of movements and initiatives. But I feel that a lot of our reactions are mostly instinctive and our minds are wired up to think about safety and survival first. In my opinion that’s why a lot of us question the motives behind our decisions and we second guess almost everything, it’s normal and probably better to be honest! 🙂

    • So happy you enjoyed this post!! It’s true I wonder sometimes why we are always questioning our motivations you may be on to something with that perspective about how our minds are wired the brain’s such a mystery thank you so much for the insightful comment!! 🙂

    • I find the curse of Sisyphus tremendously relatable as well, though I would like to imagine he was happy like Camus said, and gotta love Hemingway he was the man! Thanks so much for the comment happy blogging!!

  27. Oscar, so many deep things in this post. And oh how I would love to travel…I said to myself when young, that was my life’s destiny- to travel the world. I found that travel in so many other ways…the way we least expect like in the movie – Under The Tuscan Sun when she got what she wanted at the end, just not as she thought it would come. With what you wrote- sometimes I do feel ‘stuck’ and sometimes I feel ‘propelled into’ and many other things. You rasied good questions, thought deeply in the post, and whereever it goes for this reader in introspect and ponderment… I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this.

    • No problem at all I’m happy to bring out an introspective moment in those who read my works, I believe we all need to reflect on our lives from time to time. I would really really love to travel as well but life hasn’t granted me that flexibility just yet, pray we both get our opportunity to explore the world some day! I hope you’re right that we’ll receive what we wanted, yet perhaps not in the form we were expecting in our lives. Life’s a mystery and our journeys are all unique and different, I hope yours brings you happiness and many adventures thank you so much for the comment and for reading my writings!! 🙂

    • It really is tough, and other aspects of life too often gets in the way of what we love doing. I hit those moments from time to time as well, but in the end I always feel this impulse that I just have to write and that it’s not a choice anymore. Blessings to you in your writing journey we must always stay in a state of action in the pursuit of our aspirations 🙂

  28. Its a beautiful piece indeed, i stumbled on it when i saw that you went through my short write up, clicked your link and saw this. Pleasantly strange is that i can relate to the post very much because i think and feel the same…bliss!

    • Very happy that you connected with my writing!! I connected with your post on death, I feel a mix of emotions when I consider the topic too. It’s inevitable yet we never speak of it it’s a good point, it’s taboo. Maybe some day in the future humanity will evolve out of its thanatophobia and we will learn to let go and accept our existence for what it is from every angle, including the inevitability of the void at the end of it 🙂

  29. What a great article! Oscar, I struggle with these same feelings and constantly have to step back and check in. This was inspiring AND helped to remind me that I am surely not alone!

    • Thank you so much!! You most certainly are not alone, it’s something of a revelation just how much other people relate, happy to inspire in whatever meager way I can!! 🙂

  30. I couldn’t agree more.. we are thinking about doing something but taking the action to make it happen is not that easy…But…once we start we will see the results sooner or latter we just have to be patient. I strongly agree with this statement “I should be taking actions for the sake of improving myself as an individual, and doing what I can to improve upon those actions to optimize their benefit”. Well we can’t give up even if we feel like it …. Good post, very interesting and nicely written.
    “Try to stay moving as much as you can Oscar! “

    • You’re absolutely right patience is a necessary virtue, and so happy that portion connected with you!! And that’s the truth we can’t give up even if we felt like it, thank you so much for the lovely comment!! 🙂

  31. I really enjoyed your writing about your life and the story about Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway had a style of living that we can all learn from — he never stopped learning and experiencing life — living it to the fullest while he created value for us to enjoy forever! Thank you for writing this blog Oscar it is well written!

    • Thank you so much Jill!! Hemingway indeed had a lifestyle we could all learn from, he did live life to the fullest!! And you’re more than welcome I’ll do my best to produce new material I’ve been recently very stressed out and sidetracked with work but my heart’s here and in my writing and in time I’ll do my best to produce new posts that I hope are of some worth to my readers thank you for the kind comment!! 🙂

    • Lmao I don’t know if I was necessarily dropping the mic per se but I was definitely trying to hype anybody up to pursue their goals when they know what they want!! And you’re of course more than welcome thank you for your kind comment!! 🙂

    • You’re more than welcome happy to do so!! And i’m glad you enjoyed the post and the Sisyphus reference I think we all sometimes feel like we’re just pushing a boulder up a hill over and over to no prevail, but oftentimes in the end we do get that boulder over the hill 🙂

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  33. This writing is good. I encourage the writer to keep going. Dare to explore different themes and topics. Partly, writing is a journey of self discovery, the part that I enjoy most. Take care, thanks.

    • I really appreciate that thank you so much, I agree I need to explore different themes and topics and not be afraid to think and write about new things. It really is a journey of self-discovery but hopefully I can provide some value to others through my introspection thank you so much for the kind and supportive comment!!

  34. I am so thankful you stumbled upon my blog and I in turn yours. Wow I needed this today. I cannot wait to read your other blogs, your writing is wonderful. So glad giving up is not an option of yours!

    • I’m thankful as well best of luck in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle!! And that’s awesome I’m happy you connected with this piece and I’m grateful for your encouragement to keep at it, it means a lot to me to get positive comments like these. I’ll be sure to keep at it and I hope you continue to keep at your health goals as well!! All the best to you!! 🙂

  35. Totally enjoyed your post. And I can absolutely relate. I am on the tail end of a near panic attack, having asked myself those same questions; having confronted the fact that I made stupid decisions in my life and as a result am having the life that I have; but yet, knowing that I am exactly where I should be. It is quite haunting, I agree. But I wouldn’t trade this existence for the blandness and ordinariness of not seeking, not thinking, not learning, not growing. I am going to read some of your other posts now – this one was just fab.

    • I apologize for the late reply so glad you enjoyed this post!! That’s really the right mindset, you need to embrace your circumstances and find a way towards your goals regardless of what life has thrown at you, these questions are haunting but I’m happy to know you don’t regret and you’re in a state of action and progress living an interesting and challenging existence!! Very thankful to have your readership every new reader is a blessing my life has really gotten hectic as of late but I am doing my best to make sure this blog does not get neglected and that I put up fresh posts in the future perhaps within the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much once again Darlene all the best to you!! 🙂

    • No problem at all happy it connected with you!! I try to create posts that might resonate with people and when they do it makes me so happy thank you so much for the comment!! 🙂

  36. A beautiful write-up!! I myself is a big fan of adventure, but I also believe there should be a balance of going crazy exploring and acting responsibly for the blessings you already have…:)

    • Thank you so much for the kind compliment!! I agree there needs to be a balance between satisfying your wanderlust and living a disciplined and responsible life thank you so much for the comment!! 🙂

    • Most definitely I’ve always wanted to travel out there into the great unknown but I’ve never really gotten the opportunity to travel the world too much haha feel free to peruse the world and my blog to your heart’s content cheers!!

  37. “Am I taking the steps I need to take with my life? Is this a place from which I can springboard into something more?”
    – I ask myself this every single day, and I still don’t know the answer! Lovely post 🙂

    • Too often I don’t either haha but I’m very happy that line connected with you!! And thank you so much for the compliment of my post, in regards to your post my personal favorite movie of all time is probably either Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or the first Matrix, iunno hard to say actually now that I think about it haha but gotta love well made movies wish I had time to watch more happy blogging!!

  38. I agree with you whole- heartedly Oscar! I particularly enjoyed your closing statement, “Push harder every damn day.”. Sometimes when we get the hard push- back from our local culture, it is the universe telling us that we must push harder! Revolutionary ideas and actions are most often met by social resistance even when they are right. 🙂

    • I apologize for the late reply very happy that closing statement resonated with you!! I like that perspective that when we meet with resistance, it’s the universe testing us to go at it even stronger. I hope my ideas might be able to shake things up a bit haha thank you so much for the kind and inspirational comment!! 🙂

  39. Great thoughts you share with us… it can be very confusing. I know this feeling to have the pressure to be always productive, especially these days. But I think sometimes we should take a step back and just be and love ourselves.
    But also sometimes we really need to push harder… one of my bigges living inspirations is Lyon Herron (go check him out if you don’t know him! He’s the greatest and most positive mind. He changed me!) Also I would really appreciate it when you would read my newest posts and the reason of my blog and let me know what you think!

    • I think you’re right, we need to make sure to just love ourselves for us and not put so much pressure on ourselves, but I live with a constant fear of complacency I guess. Definitely nothing wrong with just loving yourself for being yourself, we’ve all got to. I checked out that guy you mentioned he seems like he lives life to the fullest in spite of what negative circumstances have befallen his life from what I’m seeing. Gotta love a positive mind! I think your most recent post about financial independence is important not only for women but for all people to realize they need to take charge of their financial independence great post! All the best to you and thank you so much for the kind comment!! 🙂

  40. Thanks for liking my post! And it is true that we must push harder today than yesterday. Believe or not, I really remind myself of the thought that today is my last day. It all began with the unsuccessful marathon training that I suspended about 4 weeks ago. To make this reply short, it is nice to be reminded again and again from anywhere that life is short, I gotta do my best on what I love to do – being active is one of them, and most of all, I must understand what my purpose is in life, not in all the big picture bs way, but in a way that I won’t regret (because we always do) because yesterdays don’t matter. Tomorrows haven’t happened. So, what matters is today, and it is the only day I’ve got. 🙂 Thanks!

    • No problem at all I’m really happy this post struck a chord with you!! I agree we need to always be thinking about the present, not to disregard the future but we can’t lose sight of today with our sights on tomorrow. And that’s awesome that you’ve found your own life perspective that you feel happy with, it’s a feat many people grapple with myself included at times, thank you so much for the comment!! 🙂

    • It’s the truth, it’s all about striking the right balance and I’ve been finding myself losing it too often as of late, and it’s true that it’s terrible to be either aimless or stagnant I hear you can’t deny it. Thank you so much for the comment 🙂

  41. The multiverse is in constant motion. Theory is the ‘big bang’ started it. Not the multiverse but the motion. Everything moves.
    But only biological entities can act. All actions are preceded by a thought. Always. Thoughts are like a window looking out at infinite possibilities and probobilities. Action comes from those thoughts when we try to make those thoughts reality.
    An action is specific. Movement is random. Far too many people simply move and do not act.
    So, choices become extremely important for those who act. Thought-choice of action-consequenses. My golden rule.

  42. This one resonated with me, Oscar. A good read. I’m often focused on the “end result” of my endeavors, while missing completely that I enjoy my work. Perhaps it is my karma, or, the expectations and values of my parents and their generation, but I can ride myself pretty hard. I must BE the singer/songwriter, blogger/journalist, performer/speaker or I have failed. I’m often mired in making it official and trying to prove it while completely glossing over the fact that I love my work. Also, it takes the focus off of the small inglorious tasks and details to make it happen. Know what I mean?
    I think about these things allot. Your post reminded me and writing this comment helped me to further articulate it. Keep pushing.

    • Very happy to hear that it resonated with you Jim, and it’s beautiful to hear that you enjoy the work you do and I’m very pleased that a piece I wrote helped you remember that you need to love what you’re doing. I have similar tendencies, I tend to ride myself pretty hard as well, and I’m always trying to make sure I’m in a state of action instead of letting myself get too caught in the current of habit. Especially when my habits have me doing things that I don’t particularly love, which is sort of where I’ve been as of late with work and it’s been my feeling as of late especially that my work doesn’t really feel like positive action, it’s writing that makes me feel like I’m taking action and living a more fulfilling life. I’m a bit tired while writing this reply I apologize but it’s always wonderful to hear that I’ve somehow positively impacted a reader, all the best to you in living a fulfilling life in line with what you deep down truly want and I’ll be sure to keep pushing in the direction of my dreams as well God bless 🙂

  43. Hi Oscar,
    I’m not sure who you are but thank you for liking my post. It’s the most action my page has seen! I was enchanted by your quote re:catharsis, as I write just for that purpose. Then I was blown away by your writing and insight. I’m sure there are great people/writers out there but still I like to believe in random little occurrences meaning something. In this case, your quote and this post were just what I needed to read today.
    Thank you!
    Enjoy the catharsis and constant action.

    • You’re very welcome I’m glad my writing has struck a cord with you!! I believe in random little occurrences meaning something as well and if something I’ve created gave you the boost you needed I couldn’t be happier as a writer thank you for that!! Cheers to you as well!! 🙂

  44. I must say I have my doubts as to whether Hemingway’s life was “well-lived.” Yes, he did a lot of things and he wrote some good books- that’s achievement. But he was a pretty nasty human being. So in a strange way that corresponds with your original thought about action not necessarily being all there is to life.

    • You’re more than welcome thank you so much for your kind words, I agree with your post on procrastination as well. It really is just another manifestation of fear and you’re right that we need to meet and overcome our fears instead of letting them control us. Thank you so much for your comment and your post all the best to you 🙂

  45. This is such a great piece! I love that you bring together the need to maintain a purposeful, meaningful, fruitful life through self-assured hard work and busyness with the necessary balance of occasional purposeful reflection. Also, thanks for liking my post on my blog!

    • Thank you so much!! And wow that’s a very eloquent way of putting it thank you, I’m happy that you felt like there was a balance to the piece I didn’t want to be all the way absolute about there not being times where we do need to just keep busy as it often lends itself to productivity, you’ve summed up the gist of what I was getting at beautifully. And you’re very welcome that was a very meaningful piece you wrote. The Kierkegaard quote caught my eye as well he’s one of my favorite philosophers, and when it comes to disorders it’s never easy to write about it in the open it takes courage, I can see you find catharsis in your writing. Happy blogging and all the best to you!! 🙂

      • So I don’t know how to message you or anything, but you just Liked one of my blog posts and I have no idea why. No one ever reads my blog, and on top of that it wasn’t a very good post. I’m terribly curious as to how you stumbled on my blog and whatnot.

        • Thanks for stopping by!! Truth be told I really just scour the blogosphere and look at other blogs randomly some days, I find myself having moments of pretty deep introspection at work too I’m content some moments but I’m in the midst of something of an eternal existential crisis it seems. And when it comes to going clean, I know that’s nothing easy don’t ask me how I just do I’ve seen things, but I really hope you’re able to find your peace and meaning in life and I hope you find some sense of meaning through writing and finding the positives in life and building from them, I’ve found writing to be incredibly therapeutic. I wish you nothing but the best and I hope you’re able to get past the darkness

  46. Your writing style is reaaalllly great, and I really hope you get your manuscript published because I would love to read more of your work. I think your posts are very relevant, and you do need more audience!
    Will be sharing your work as often as I can.
    It’s nice to see talented fellow bloggers.

    • Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words!! I’m hopeful that I can get an agent during my next round of querying, I feel that my story is now falling into a more acceptable word count range for a first time novelist. Every new fan is a blessing thank you so much, I enjoyed your piece “In Memory” as well that was tremendous whatever your writing goals are I hope you are able to reach them all that was a very moving piece of writing, thanks once more for your kind comment and happy blogging!! 🙂

  47. You write well. As a Christian I wonder if the image of Sisyphus pushing a rock up hill is an apt metaphor for a life separate from God. Before I became a Christian I pushed harder, all the time. At times it was probably for the sake of being active. I find it hard to sit still for 5 minutes. But now I am learning to serve the Kingdom. That requires pushing, pulling, waiting (you name it), but in the midst of my challenges I am not alone, unlike poor Sisyphus. Go well.

  48. Love that you reflect as you do. It causes me to question such as what does it mean to be productive. I read recently in a Don Citt book that the individual veing productive is a platonic concept that has been adopted as part of western reasoning. Is it what is leading our world into oblivion. The other question is can language grasp the truth. Thank You

    • Interesting perspective to take, always two sides to a coin. I can’t say I know quite what the world needs or all that you truly mean but I often feel it hard to put the truth into words as I’m never quite certain there’s an objective truth to be spoken, but we’ll never stop pursuing it nonetheless, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment and all the best to you 🙂

  49. Excellent and timely piece. You may, or may have not noticed, my blog is an on again, off again work in progress. I really want to keep the “on again” part going in perpetuity. You see, I love writing and the only way for me to get better at it is to practise (and read) on a regular basis. Your post reminded me that my “productive purpose” in writing on a regular basis, is simply for improvement. I shall not worry about what comes next, because it will come whether I worry about it or not. And, as far as improvement and productivity goes, I believe, we cannot be trying to improve and be productive all the time. When you say, “That I shouldn’t just be doing things for the sake of doing things.” I think there is a time and a place for even that in our lives.

    • I believe you’re correct that there’s a time and place for even that in our lives, I was in a certain mood and mode when I’d written this particular post there’s certainly a time and place for it all no disagreement there!! And I’m happy to hear you love writing and I agree we can only improve through practice and persistence and I wish you nothing but the best on your writing journey happy blogging to you!! 🙂

  50. That was a very thoughtful and heartfelt piece. It reminded me of a quote I once read from a late 19th/early 20th-century religious leader, Mary Baker Eddy: “Rushing around smartly is no proof of accomplishing much.” Occasional introspection and thought-taking can be very useful.

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment!! I’ve not heard that Mary Baker Eddy quote before very much so in line with my perspective here thank you so much for sharing, happy blogging to you thanks for dropping by!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comment!! I know that I need to take these types of moments from time to time to accurately assess whether or not I’m taking the necessary steps to fulfilling the visions I have for my future and I wish you nothing but success in your own thank you once again 🙂

  51. Hemingway has some of the best quotes. I think self-reflection in the midst of momentum is a healthy thing. Once you’ve started taking action second-guessing is usually a brief moment. It’s people who are struggling to get any sort of real action in their lives that should beware second-guessing too much.

    • I agree completely, it should only be for as long as it needs to be to fully validate that you’re making progress. And if you feel a revised approach is necessary, then you can follow through on a new path towards your goal with a renewed clarity. It’s true it’s when over-thinking and constantly second-guessing causes you to never take any action that you get caught in a dangerous loop, thank you so much for the comment!!

  52. Well said!
    The longer that I write, the more I find myself very familiar with this feeling. I’m discovering the intense need to set deadlines to make myself do things. As it is, it’s so easy to just slip into inactivity.

  53. You’re not the only one, Oscar! It’s so easy to get caught up in doing and, especially when we’re moving quickly, it’s probably a good idea to see which direction we’re going in. Action and reflection work best together. As Peter F. Drucker said, “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”
    And when it comes to doubt, I think Voltaire made a lot of sense: “Doubt is an uncomfortable condition but certainty is a ridiculous one.” However, that said, I think there’s little doubt that you should be writing, you have a beautiful way with words and write about interesting, engaging subjects.

    • Very happy to know these feelings are shared!! And whoa awesome quotes thank you so much for the share!! Voltaire always blows my mind that man was a genius, it’s true and it feels especially difficult to feel certain when it comes to creative outlets like writing, thank you so much for the encouragement it means a lot to me, and thank you so much for the comment all the best to you and happy blogging!! 🙂

      • You’re very welcome, Oscar! And thank you, I’ve had a very long blogging break and am so happy to be back! You’re right, truth is subjective at the best of times and creative endeavours are always totally subjective. Very tricky! I guess we can only express our authentic selves as best we can and leave the rest to the reader. As you like Voltaire, here’s another brilliant quote, given to my youngest daughter by my lovely Mum this morning:

        “Each player must accept the cards life deals him. But once they are in hand, he alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.”

        • Another beautiful quote wow Voltaire was a wise man! I’ve had a long blogging break as well but I do plan on returning to blogging more regularly, happy to know you’re back into blogging it’s a great release!!

  54. Appreciated your dropping by to visit my brand new blog…and giving me the opportunity to read yours, Oscar. Yes, it is important to reflect on the direction you are going and to evaluate if that is where you want to be. This is important for all of us, religious/faith-filled people or not…I am one of the faith-filled and going forward with faith. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your great perspective, Oscar!

  55. I hear your wisdom. You are talking about self awareness, conscious decision making and ones ability to bring compassion and loving kindness into ones own life, right? Action and inaction both have consequences. Awareness is the bridge between movement and action.

    • Thank you for reading, I would say that’s a very accurate interpretation of what I’m getting at, and that’s very eloquently put there your last sentence with regards to awareness thank you so much for this insightful comment!! 😀

    • Thank you so much for the reblog!! It helps me to know I’m not alone, and it means the world to me to hear I’ve inspired and moved a reader thank you so much for this wonderful comment!! 😀

    • No problem at all thanks for dropping by my blog too!! Cool story interesting family dynamic playing out with the mother being ashamed of her daughter for her having a divorce, the daughter feeling relief that no children had to be involved in a divorce, feeling a strange resentment/admiration for her mother’s successful relationship with her father lots of plotlines to work with there I enjoyed it thanks for sharing!!

      • Well, see the end in the last post and I will be going backwards in their family dynamic- pushing myself to see where and how the story goes. Forwards is always easier – backwards never . Keep reading and sharing. Thank you.

  56. Thanks for stopping by my blogsite. You raise some interesting points here.
    My father instilled in me the philosophy of, “If you have to kill time, then work it to death.” To that I have added my own; “True happiness comes not by self-indulgence or greediness or the collection of things with which to please myself, but by finding someone everyday that I can bless by my actions or gifts to them.”
    God has blessed me with many talents for a reason. The more that I use those talents in uplifting others, the happier and more fulfilled I become.

    • Beautiful perspective!! I agree if you’re blessed with capabilities you should try to use them to better the world around you, that’s a very noble goal you have I admire it and I wish you nothing but the best in your pursuit of uplifting others!! 🙂

    • I agree I don’t mean to go all the way in this post to the perspective that movement itself never evolves into action, I do believe that. It’s just those moments where you realize you’re only spinning your wheels in life, and never quite in hot pursuit of who you truly want to become, that you need to recognize those moments and remedy the situation accordingly in your own carefully crafted way. I do think that we don’t become who we want to become overnight, it takes time, it takes steps. I hear you entirely, I don’t mean to create a sense of overthinking your route to what you desire just do what must be done and realize your dreams, that’s the gist and heart of what I’m getting at thank you for your kind comment!! 🙂

  57. Well as many have said, you’re not alone, and your piece is well written. I think that we need the pauses and that stillness can have it’s own purposefulness, and movement, it’s own emptiness, and action can become so directed towards an end point, that it loses the meaning of the journey. But yes, we must keep on striving!

    • You’re right there’s any number of ways to view everything but the real heart of what I’m getting at is that we need to not lose sight of what we really want in life, and that we shouldn’t let ourselves get sidetracked, and you’re right that we need to not lose with the moments leading up to a goal as we strive for that goal, thank you so much for reading!!

  58. I cant believe i have missed your thought provoking blogs ,Ernest Hemmingway Has to have been my Favorite author it has been a real pleasure reading your latest blog has been a real pick me up when i have been struggling a wee bit lately Thankyou for stopping by i would never have had the pleasure to read your awsome blog and that would have been a real crime x

    • What kind words thank you so much!! It’s nice to know people have found a connection with things I’ve written, I just try to find my own way in life and put into words what I’m going through and seeing that other people are struggling with similar problems really helps me and I’m very happy what I’ve written has helped you out too it’s a nice mutually beneficial experience blogging. Thank you so much for stopping by too it’s awesome to interact with other bloggers happy blogging and I wish you all the best!!

  59. I admired Hemingway’s zest for life as well, and loved teaching “The Old Man and the Sea” to my students. However, I appreciate the balance you advocate in your blog. We need to slow down and breathe occasionally, really think about our lives, or we may find ourselves on the same sad path where Hemingway ended.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Old Man and the Sea was a great story.. I agree it does seem that Hemingway’s path was overall a destructive one, I do believe that we need to be willing to live on the edge and live an authentic life, but ultimately many of Hemingway’s decisions lead him down a dark path and we need to be careful not to let ourselves get caught in that type of cycle. And you’re absolutely right about what I was getting at we need to examine our lives and make certain we are making true progress towards our dreams and not just spinning our wheels, thank you so much once again for stopping by!!

  60. Oh dear this isn’t fair how do u do this … I mean its my state scooped out here I always determine to do same but eventually I succeed but long term its a fail fail for me 🙁 sorry but this isn’t fair yet awwwwsome at same time to be empathetic at same time

    • You just need to keep at it I do my best to interact with as many bloggers as I can and I find that that tends to be the best route to getting good feedback, don’t think long term fail fail you need to think about the victories at the end of it all and keep positive if you’re not getting the results you want you just need to re-think an approach and then proceed with greater audacity and that goes for all things in life. I’ve been blogging for a while now and I don’t blog a lot but I try to interact a lot and I focus on the interaction with people more than anything else, keep positive 🙂

      • Dear Oscar I just wrote what I felt … Isn’t fair was just an expression plzz don’t take me wrong I know all fail success is part of life but some total down phases demean my existence I mean to say staying positive always is I try to do but….. Sometimes it doesn’t happen sometimes the phase is like that you understanding what I mean …. I hope u understand

        Thanks for replying dear god bless you write more often your posts I feel are somewhere part of me in a large elaborative form

        • No no worries I’m not taking in any negative way haha I understand honestly I get where you’re coming from entirely, and I do want to keep posting more regularly now it’s just that it’s difficult for me to be as all in with my blog as I work a lot and I’m very very busy at work, but I do plan on keeping this blog up to date and I’m very happy that you feel that way about my posts it’s great to hear positive feedback like that it helps me keep going thanks once again God bless to you as well 🙂

          • Work keeps me busy too but can I tell u one secret …. This blogging and writing n interacting keep me alive n breathing my dear …. U know there is a special charm in people who I write ….. And you have got that charm my dear friend

  61. Oscar,
    i trust you are continuing to write. How fortunate we are, as conscious human beings, to have such large brains with the ability to act or react to the world around us. It seems as though Hemingway, had a code of living. That was he introspected, analyzed, and thought hard about life. We can all learn a lesson from his discipline, thought, and control. We do not live in nature like our ancient ancestors, so we can spend less time reacting and can instead act for success!

    I am grateful to be living in this Great Technological Revolution Age where we bring advancements to the markets at rapid speeds which affords more people, worldwide, to increase their standard of living. We also have the internet which can create smarter people worldwide and when we learn to integrate our thinking instead of following tradition, we always have more knowledge, and, often more material goods as well. Human beings rock!

    Cheers to you and your blog! I love to blog too! We touch the hearts of people worldwide with communication through metaphors and analogies and we know we are human not like the other animals when they respond! Keep rockin’ it!

    • Thank you so much for the kind and supportive comment!! I am very much so continuing to write it’s not always easy for me to blog and keep up with the blogosphere but I’m always in the process of writing something, and I’ve worked my book down to a size that I think an agent at a conference may take a chance on me. Thank you so much for your support!! Very interesting perspective there with how our ancestors always had to react to new threats and never really got to experience comfort and security long enough to plan and deeply think out their life plan beyond the immediate coming moments. Humanity does rock haha for all the faults that humanity has the blistering pace of progress in the last century or so is something unprecedented and though there are ups and downs life overall is much much easier with all the creative new products and services people have produced. Thank you once again cheers to you as well!! Happy blogging!! 🙂

  62. Enjoyed reading this piece. As you noted, hesitating isn’t good for “He who hesitates is lost.” However, I’m finding there is a “dynamic waiting” for action which is most clearly seen as one witnesses the orchestra member manning the symbols, waits, waits and waits again to take the defining action to clash the symbols at the exact moment producing a sound that would normally be startling or nerve wracking, yet, because of “timing” becomes a majestic vibration ushering in the conclusion to a symphonic production.

    This thought brings to mind the following poem.

    O power to do; O baffled will!
    O prayer and action! ye are one.
    Who may not strive, may yet fulfill
    The harder task of standing still,
    And good but wished with God is done.


    • Wow this is a tremendous comment thank you so much for your perspective!! The timing is everything very important point to note, and that’s a very interesting poem I’ve never heard it before “The harder task of standing still” very interesting line, it can be hard to wait for the proper moment to take the timely action towards which all else culminates, food for thought thank you so much for your insightful words!!!

  63. Absolutely! Movement is not always action. I love Hemingway. And your way with words, absolutely beautiful. And yes, I believe we all at some point in our lives, stop and ponder, is it worth it. I enjoyed this. thank you.

    • I love Hemingway too and thank you so much for the wonderful compliment it feels great to get feedback like this!! I do believe we need to stay focused on our goals and not get lost in the motion of everyday life and monotony, I stop and wonder very often and I hope that I revise my approach appropriately to get where I need to get going. I’m very happy you enjoyed this you’re more than welcome indeed thank you so much for reading my post!!!

  64. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog post–every pat on the back helps. I enjoy your work as well. Writing is such a lonely endeavor at times (not to mention fraught with “will anyone like this”, “is it good”,and “who cares”) that it’s like a cool drink on a hot day when someone tells you you’ve touched them in some fashion. Gracias,amigo.

    • Thank you for dropping by an commenting on my blog too!! Writing really is a lonely endeavor it’s great to get that pat back in reply, that was a terrific metaphor and especially timely since it’s just started to get warmer again around where I live haha muchas gracias to you as well happy blogging!! 🙂

  65. Thank you for liking my post. I loved your post and… Yes the moments of quiet reflection are something we all need but often do not make time for. Yet actions not reflected upon can end up going nowhere or worse having us repeat endlessly the same mistakes. Many years ago when i was doing my teacher training, we were advised to keep a reflection journal so that things that went right (or wrong) in the classroom could be jotted down throughout the day on one side of the page and at night we could reflect upon them and see if we could learn from them… and jot notes on the other side of the page.
    This is actually not bad advice and the idea of a journal for reflection is a most useful one….. even if it does not get used every day.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment!! That’s honestly a very good idea I need to start up something in a similar vein, I often do a “freewrite” before I go to bed at night where I just let a lot of thoughts flow out and I sometimes make note of things I could have done better on a separate sheet of paper, but this information sometimes gets lost as my organizing skills are not optimized as they should be, a journal for reflection sounds like a very good and organized approach one which I very well might have to adopt thank you so much once again for your informative comment and thank you for reading!! 🙂

  66. Lovely post! Though I do have a comment. I believe that you can perform actions that feel purposeful without ethics; in other words, there are people who perform selfish actions who believe they have the greatest intentions. In which case, I would disagree that they should simply carry on. I believe that one finds a greater purpose through self-reflection and occasional check-ins with others, working collaboratively, and allowing for a collective purpose to take shape. A good balance between personal projects like blogs, and collaborative ones is probably the best course of action; in my opinion, that is.

    • Very thought through perspective!! I agree that the whole is in the end what is most important and we should all do our best to collaborate and create a productive collective purpose, and that in the end we must strike a balance so we in seeking to help others we simultaneously create value for ourselves as individuals which in the end is productive for the whole, I think I’m articulating what I mean all right I’m not positive haha you know what I mean in the end we must strike the proper balance thank you so much for the kind comment!!

  67. I read somewhere – I think it was in National Geographic – that studies showed that the survivors of disasters were the ones that moved; the ones that did something, anything. Reading your post got me wondering about that. In the face of a crisis, is it better to hesitate? To plan, to observe, and then once set on an action, to move with determination? Or is there value in simply moving – perhaps without direction or purpose at first, but simply to move in the hope that the meaning or path will appear? If one opts for the determined approach, is there a risk of never moving at all?

    I’m all ‘Type A’, and I can’t remember who said it, but I agree that ‘all human evil comes from this – man’s being unable to sit still in a room’. For me, the National Geographic article was exactly what I needed to justify my honeybee existence; buzzing all over the place just to be doing something, and hoping I’ll stumble on the flowers. Sometimes it’s paid off, other times it’s been a road to nothing. Somewhere out there is a middle ground; a balance between energetic exploration and setting a clear course to where I need – and want – to go, even if it’s the horizon.

    • You’re entirely right, I do believe that movement can bleed into action and that it’s often best to trust your instincts within a moment like that. More than anything else, I’m just saying that we need to be careful about complacency cloaked in motion, where we think we’re getting closer to our goals and dreams when in reality we aren’t taking effective actions to get us closer to what we aspire to achieve in life. You’re definitely right about a middle ground where you feel free to roam and get going while also having some type of course to guide you, a balance I am trying ever so desperately to strike. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment and for taking the time to read and comment on my post all the best to you!! 🙂

  68. Thank you for reading my blog, and I enjoyed your blog. I relate to the deep introspective thoughts that you shared. I sometimes just sit in a chair and quietly allow the deeper questions that I may have subdued in the hidden areas of my brain to surface. Sometimes you feel like you should be doing something, but I resist and think it’s ok not to fill every moment with some type of movement or action.

    • A very valid perspective, it’s certainly necessary to take moments where you don’t force yourself into anything and you allow yourself to simply be. I think there is a time and place for everything, times for really deep introspection and other times to trust that the flow you’re within is a productive one which does not warrant resisting. And other moments like you’ve said, you should simply allow yourself time where you don’t force anything on the moment, thank you so much for your kind and insightful comment!!

  69. As a writer, it is easy to second guess your actions. Should I keep writing even though I’m not making money? Am I good enough to be doing this? I’ve taken this step back over and over, but I’m still here pounding away at the keys. We gotta do what we gotta do.

  70. Some interesting thoughts 🙂 In the Christian life, God says that faith without works is dead so action in a life of faith is important but we need to make sure that our actions have good purpose and are not just useless and/or selfish movement. Blessings 🙂

    • Indeed we must we really are far too busy nowadays, and it can distract from a fulfilling life and proper questioning of our approach thank you so much for the comment and I’m happy this post connected with you!!

    • Very interesting perspective we may make the push but in the end it moves by other means perhaps unknown to us thank you so much for a fresh perspective!! All the best to you!!

  71. Wow. I had this very realization recently. If we want things to be better or want to better ourselves, we’ve got to do the doing. Life won’t just happen on its own. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    • No problem at all thank you so much for your comment!! And it’s the truth we need to effect the change we want to see in our lives, it won’t come out of a vacuum we’ve got to go get what we want all the best to you!!! 🙂

  72. You have a wonderful blog and I like the message behind the topics! I’m glad to connect and thank so much for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to read more from you! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reading!! I really like the concept behind your blog too of encouraging interactivity with other bloggers, I really believe that to be a fantastic platform apologies for the late reply I’ve had a lot of my time taken up by work over the last year during a time frame where I really wish I could be interacting with other bloggers more and expanding a readership so I blog less than I would like, but I really appreciate your having stopped by and I wish you nothing but the best in your blogging journey!! Stop back whenever you so desire cheers!! 🙂

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