Jackie Kennedy

Within the last year I have developed a steep fascination with Jackie Kennedy.

I’m thinking about this again today because I just saw a documentary yesterday talking about how LBJ swore into office on Air Force One and I saw that iconic image of Jackie Kennedy next to him. It jogged my memory of a strange experience I had involving her, and then reminded me that we were on the eve of the anniversary of her passing away. And the only reason I know that now is because I had a really curious experience a year ago.

I had a weird dream in which I was at a cousin’s house, and then somehow or other I fell down a flight of steps and ended up in some downstairs exhibit with a bunch of expensive art. I fell down because I’m a klutz I guess, or I don’t know I just fell. Then a few minutes passed, and then I noticed somebody else falling down the steps wearing a blue dress. Then she got up and started talking with me, and it was then I realized she was actually Jackie Kennedy. She kept saying her husband was upstairs, and we had this long conversation, and at the end of it she gave me a really nice hug and was just really kind to me. Then she told me she knew people who would be interested in me, but it didn’t really feel like she was talking about relationships.

I do tend to think that most dreams don’t mean anything, but that one felt more vivid than life to me. I truly don’t understand what is happening when we dream. For one thing, I don’t really understand what life itself is all about, and I guess none of us are really for sure what exactly is going on. But it’s experiences like that which make me believe that there is some type of spiritual world or some collective consciousness or something, whatever it is there’s something beneath the surface of existence which we aren’t meant to understand. Most people won’t believe me, that’s all right. I’m not really trying to convince anybody but it really just was a strange experience for me. Maybe somewhere in my sub-conscious a year ago I recalled that it was the anniversary of her passing. But I know for a fact I hadn’t thought about Jackie Kennedy in depth prior to that dream. Then I just woke up, read her Wikipedia page, saw that, and tripped out.

Aside from all that, Jackie Kennedy lived a very fulfilling life outside the few years that JFK was in power. She was actually a very accomplished horse rider, and won several championships as a child. She studied history, literature, art, and French in college. She worked for the Washington Times-Herald newspaper as a journalist and photographer, where she got the opportunity to interview the likes of Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. Everybody knows about her impact during the Kennedy era, but in her later years she even worked as an editor. She was big on saving and renovating historical buildings, and led the charge in restoring Grand Central Station in New York City. It looks amazing now, damn. Basically she was a boss.

All in all few people have put their intelligence and grace to such productive use in a singular lifetime, and she’ll forever remain an icon of the best of what American culture has to offer. It would be a general plus for society if more people like her came into the world.

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  1. A really good story. I think you are right about dreams. I believe that we can be contacted in our dreams, although that sounds stupid even as I type it!. I also wonder why I keep going back to the same place which I don’t recognise.

    • I know I feel ridiculous even mentioning it haha but I do believe it, I don’t think it’s always happening that we get contacted through dreams but I do believe it can happen. Dreams are a mysterious thing I don’t believe in going too crazy with interpretations of dreams usually but sometimes I just wonder too, some questions we never get answers to I guess

      • In the Bible there was a man named Joseph who was called a dreamer. He had many dreams starting in Genesis 37:1-36. In between Chapters 38-42 different events take place then the dream starts to manifest/unfold during Chapters 42-50.

        Dreams are sometimes used to bring you in remembrance of someone such as the dream you had. The Righteous are always remembered! Psalms 112:6; Proverbs 10:7; Ezekiel 18:23-25 (he does not die physically, but spiritually)

        Dreams can also be used for that person to accept negative or bad things to happen to them or those around them because they accepted the fear implied instead of rebuking what they saw or heard with what God said. Hebrews 13:5 Deuteronomy 31:6; Hebrews 13:5; Psalms 91

        I hope this helps! 😀

  2. I loved the way she paid for her aunt’s and cousin’s house to be sorted out, the rats and raccoons cleared out. ‘Grey Gardens’ is a fascinating study of her extended family background, either the original documentary of the film version.

  3. In my dreams I usually meet random ordinary people I never knew, or sometimes my friends. I do like you also think that most dreams are random, and caused by random misfires of neurons during the maintenance of the brain that takes place during sleep, or random interpretations of the information processing the brain does to the information we have taken in during the day, however I do think dreams can show us desires we were not jet consciously aware of, or create them by showing a compelling story or encounter.

    • I can believe all that, the mind’s a crazy thing it plays tricks on itself haha I agree that I think that most of the time dreams are just random firings of neurons like you’re saying but I just wonder sometimes

      • It’s totally ok to wonder, I just think that having a large amount of random processes will eventually lead to someone thinking they are spiritual (instead of random) a lot of the time and everyone sometimes wondering if there is something more spiritual behind the random processes.

    • I think that dreams are our brain’s way of sorting out the day’s “paperwork”, so to speak, in preparation for filing it all away – to use an office metaphor. Much of that ‘paperwork’ is emotion rather than actual events, and so the brain tries to match the emotion up with something we’ve experienced in the past that has a vestige of relevance… to put it into the correct file folder, if you will… even if we can’t always make a direct connection in our conscious minds and so the dream doesn’t seem to make sense. There’s usually some commonality even if it’s a couple of steps removed from the obvious.

  4. There are so many different ideas around about the meaning of dreams, but I found your dream quite fascinating. I also really enjoyed reading about Jackie Kennedy. I knew very little about her before, especially some of her great achievements. 🙂

    • I really am usually a skeptic about things like this but that dream was such an anomaly that it really threw me off base haha and I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading about Jackie Kennedy! From everything I’ve found and read she was a very wonderful individual 🙂

  5. I was always so struck by the way she handled the events immediately following her husband’s assassination. Especially that photo that you mentioned of her standing next to LBJ as he takes the oath. She refused to remove her blood stained suit. She said, “I want them to see what they have done to Jack.” Truly a formidable woman and you are absolutely right, we could use more people like her!

    • Her poise was amazing! I don’t understand how somebody could go through that much and come out as sane as she was, it’s crazy. We really could use more people like her!

  6. Jackie O. was class personified! ! And dreams perplex me as well. Sometimes I sense they are simply a purge valve for the mind while other times dreams seem too real or too specific to mean nothing. Great post.

  7. A beautiful dream! There are so many levels to your dream and it might take years before you finally understand it. But maybe for now, it’s just to remind you and us all that there is something in this world that requires faith, it can’t be explained. And to me that is a lovely thought!

    • It was a crazy dream! I do take it more than anything else as a reminder that there is something that requires faith like you said, that I really don’t know how to properly explain. I take it as a lovely thought too, in a weird way it gives me hope haha thank you so much for the comment JC!!

  8. Wow, I had no idea she was responsible for Grand Central Station the way it is today. I’m embarrassed to say I never really knew much about her. Now I have a lot more curiosity about her!

    • I didn’t know much about her either but she was an amazing woman! She lived a very incredible life, and Grand Central Station looks gorgeous today I had no idea she played a part in that restoration either! Thanks so much for the comment!

    • Dreams really can be crazy most dreams do just feel like a whole jumble of random thoughts, but there are those weird moments where they’re just something completely different and you can’t really describe how you know it’s different but you just know, thanks so much for this comment

  9. Dreams are amazing things. Sometimes they are so obscure that it is hard to fathom their meaning. Othertimes, as is in your case, Oscar, they are so vivid they seem real. I have found that often these super-vivid dreams seem easier to interpret. I don’t know much about Jackie Kennedy, beyond what is popularily known about her through the media & history books. But your article has peaked my interest. Thank you for sharing.

    • They are amazing things, dreams are a mysterious reality of life. I didn’t know much about Jackie Kennedy until recently as well. No problem at all for the share, thank you so much for reading!

  10. Jackie was THE glamour girl when i was growing up, we all idolized her, she was the good girl. and we all idolized Marilyn Monroe, too, who was the bad girl. both women shared JFK’s bed. wonder what it would mean if you have a dream with Marilyn… 🙂

  11. I believe Jackie Kennedy would have enjoyed your dream and been flattered that you admire her enough to write about her. She was America’s answer to Royalty and I think she always will be thought of as that. I enjoy your writing you have a talent. I found this quote by Marsha Norman “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” Your admiration for this great lady came from your soul and created a beautiful dream that you awoke from and shared with us. Thank You.

    • I hope you’re right about that haha I’d be honored, she was indeed America’s answer to Royalty. And thank you so much for the compliment it means a lot to me! I try to stay true to my voice in my writing and when people respond to it, it just means the world to me thank you. That’s a very nice quote, I’m sure some piece of my unconscious conjured this dream up the mind is such a mystery. Thank you so much once again for your kind comment!!

  12. I have dreamed about drones invented by the government to kill us all and me trying to figure out how to save everyone every night this week. What the heck does it mean? Who knows, probably nothing, but to me it seems that the way that things happen are always too perfect to be coincidental. Maybe you and Jackie are kindred spirits.

    • That’s a trippy recurring dream haha and I don’t really know what my dreams mean either but it would be pretty cool to have any sort of real spiritual connection with Jackie Kennedy, thanks for the comment!!

      • Lol you’re telling me, I woke up this morning and I was convinced that it was reality. I had to sit there a minute and ponder life to kind of come back down to earth. It’s super crazy. You’re welcome.

  13. Oscar, your dream could be a form of validation for you to keep writing and keep going. After all, she was a very productive Editor in her later years. I say embrace your vivid dream and look at it as a pat in the back from someone who knew good writing when she read it!

    • Thank you for the kind comment!! It would be phenomenal I hope you’re right it tripped me out when I read about her having been a book Editor before, dreams are a mysterious experience it’s tough for me to know quite what to think about it all but it would be really nice if that were indeed the case 🙂

  14. The bit about how life has a deeper meaning that we may not know, reminds me of a Good Omens quote about how God plays a game of cards in the dark. I bet you’ve read Good Omens, it proves to me that people should write together more often. Interesting that it was Jackie who spoke to you.

    • That’s crazy I actually haven’t read Good Omens but I found out about it after I heard about Terry Pratchett passing away I had no idea he and Neil Gaiman wrote a book together, it’s on my to buy list I really do need to check it out I loved the Color of Magic and American Gods they’re two writers I have deep respect for. I think you’re right that authors of that caliber really should collaborate together more often I wonder what kinds of crazy art would come out of that, I’d love to read a collaboration of Haruki Murakami with Chuck Palahniuk personally haha that would be intense Norwegian Wood and Fight Club are two of my favorite books ever. I found it really curious that the dream involved Jackie Kennedy as well I still don’t really understand what that was all about, I usually try not to think so hard about these things since I can rarely seem to get concrete facts beyond the experience and the dreaming moment but it was just too much of a coincidence for me to just brush it off, it trips me out sometimes thank you so much for the kind comment 🙂

      • You should put Good Omens at the top, it’s the best of both worlds. Very funny with very deep roots. I haven’t read the Color of Magic, or finished American Gods. But, you should also check out the Sandman series, it was written by Gaiman but illustrated by multiple artists. It’s pretty trippy. Good Omens is such an enjoyable read, you’ll get through it in a second. And you’re welcome for the comment. I just started WordPress so I’ve been checking out anyone who has checked me out 😛

        • Definitely putting Good Omens at the top I just bought it actually lmao I’d been meaning to read that book for the last few months now but I just never got around to it, I’ve heard about the Sandman series too but only bits and pieces I don’t really understand the story I need to check it out!! And best of luck with your blogging hope you find the experience rewarding as you go forward!!

  15. As someone who grew up in the 60’s, I have always had a fascination with Jackie. All my friends’ mothers tried to look just like her, and even as a little girl, I knew she had a special sense of style. In fact – it never really went out of style! Thanks so much for this post – it brought back memories. I am enjoying the rest of your blog as well!

    • That’s really cool to have experienced all of that haha it’s true it never really went out of style!! You’re quite welcome I’m happy you enjoyed it and that it brought back memories for you, and thank you so much for checking out the rest of my blog feel free to peruse to your heart’s content!! 🙂

  16. I love how open you are! It’s pretty amazing. Though I believe in God. I agree 100% that there is so much we don’t understand. I wish we knew so we could have a nudge on what way we go in certain situations.
    I hope you keep sharing your dreams! .

    • Thankful you enjoy my open writing style!! I agree there’s so much we don’t understand about life and existence, and I don’t usually publish on the topic of dreams primarily because it sometimes makes me feel crazy but I do appreciate your enjoying my writing style thank you so much for the kind comment!! 🙂

  17. I used to hear my mother talk about Jackie Kennedy all the time. She would say how accomplished Jackie was. My mother was a seamstress by craft and she modeled her style of dressing after Jackie as well as Doris Day. I know that Jackie was involved in a lot of civic and cultural activities but I didn’t know about the journalism. So John, Jr. got his passion for that from his mother. Your piece is very informative and we’ll written. I enjoyed reading it.

    • It’s always nice to hear insights into how previous generations were influenced by past icons of culture, I didn’t know John Jr. had a passion for journalism either to tell you the truth. Learn something new everyday, so happy you enjoyed the post thank you so much for the kind comment!!

  18. This is a beautiful peace about your dream with Jackie Kennedy and how amazing of a person she was through her life. I had no idea she was a journalist and editor – not to mention a skilled horse rider. I’m fascinated with this. I’m Canadian, but I’ve learned enough about JFK. Regrettably, until now, I knew little about this gem of a person. You’re right, if only all of us could use our talents/smarts/etc. as much as she did.

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