You first must fall

Today is a significant day for me, in that I received my first rejection letter today from a literary agent.

I’m reluctant to put this post on my blog for several reasons. First and foremost, because at the rate that I’ve been blogging I don’t have regular viewers, and so it’s clear that as of now nobody’s going to even read it. Secondly, the current primary purpose of my blogging is for cathartic release so I can find some improved direction through the chaos of my ramblings, that I might get some peace of mind knowing that I’m in a state of action instead of dejection and complacency. And I don’t necessarily need to put that up online to get that experience. Thirdly, this type of article will likely not be interesting to most people that are not writers, and I am still searching for what type of identity my blog should eventually take.

And as another strange way of me sublimating this depressing yet partly expected surge of negativity, I’ve decided to make a decision between two choices. Of course, our choices are close to infinite in reality. You never have only two choices in any given circumstance, but we reduce our choices to a few distinct selections to better grant structure to our lives, and create clearer direction. And I’m reminded of a scene from Fight Club where Tyler Durden mentions to Edward Norton’s character, that they can either kick fight club up a notch or shut it down for good. They were at a plateau in their journey. I’m at a plateau in my journey. I can either kick my writing up a notch, or shut it down. And if I might reduce the options even further, shutting it down is not an option for me. I need to write. I need it for my own sanity. It’s not so much a desire as it is a necessity now.

That’s one rejection letter from a literary agent. I’m sure there will be more to come. I’ll need to re-think my plan to a writing career. And I may need to parse down the word count of the manuscript (250,000+ words might be too much). And I’ll need to build up a better writing platform. And I’ll need to keep working on my new novel, making sure to keep it closer to 100,000 words. And if there are other writers out there who read this who are having a similar experience, I wish you the best of luck on your way to literary success.

All in all, before you rise, you first must fall.

I can feel myself falling. I’m willing to write and fall better. Let’s fall some more.

420 thoughts on “You first must fall

  1. Your blog is far from chaotic!
    I love how open you are, I feel like I’m a part of your journey already!
    I also agree. Once you’re down, the only way is up. If you fall, you still have to get back up again. Very positive!

    Btw…. Snickers is my favourite chocolate bar 🚶

    • Lmao yeah the Snickers blog was random they are delicious though. I’m glad you took my falling blog as a positive message I wasn’t sure how people would perceive that one. It’s been a bit of a speed bump on my road to finding an agent but thanks so much for the positive feedback it means a lot! Hopefully we can both keep connecting with even more readers and developing as bloggers 😀

  2. I once read a quote about wallpapering your room with rejection letters… strangely it has always stuck with me. I will probably keep all of mine in a file folder or something. Rejection letters are proof that you’re trying, and as you mention, that you’re closer to flying!

    • That’s actually a really good idea haha I should find some way to get them up around me. I don’t know if wallpapering is as practical an idea for me personally but I’m gonna think long and hard about it once I get some more rolling in. I might just start a running counter on my individual blogs as well once they get up over ten. Best of luck to you too in getting your work published!

  3. your blog is great and every writer gets tons of rejection letters. just look at people like Steven King and the lady who wrote the harry potter books, she was rejected by just about every publisher around, boy are they sorry now! I think it all depends on who reads your work at the publishers, some people will love it and some won’t. I hate to say it is the luck of the draw but I really think it is so just keep sending stuff out and don’t give up. I have to write too, it’s not always good stuff but just have to keep doing it. I am very interested in following your blog, you have a talent and I like your style. I’m at work now so can’t really look at more of your work but I will this weekend. Thanks for posting, don’t stop!


    • Thank you so much for the positive words of encouragement! It’s true, I know I need to just keep sending out queries and wait for the rejection letters to come in, I think my biggest concern is that I don’t think anybody will take on a manuscript of that size and that my sending out all these queries will be futile, but you’re right I’ve got to keep going, thanks so much for the comment. I don’t have many posts up just yet but it’s people like you who keep me going, thank you so much for the kind words! And I like your poetry on your site as well! Let’s both of us keep at it, I definitely know that feeling of needing to write, and best of luck to you in your writing endeavors! Drop by anytime 🙂

      • yep, us aspiring writers really need to support each other, I really enjoy this blogging stuff, have been on here for about two months now and just love it. so many really positive and helpful people. Thank you for likeing my poems! I will keep an eye on your posts, I am anxious to read more!
        Michelle 🙂

  4. Ahh. I remember my first rejection, and second and so on. But I finally got a yes, and published. Keep with it, and you do have an audience. It doesn’t matter how large or small….keep writing and bloging.

    • Thank you so much for the support and giving my blog a read! And it’s hearing success stories like your that give me what I need to keep with it, it’s true every individual reader means a lot to me. Thanks for the motivation to keep writing and blogging! Wish you all the success in the world with your projects! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the inspirational comment! Ashamed to admit I’ve never heard of that novel but I’ll definitely check it out now, from the brief bit I just read I like the concept of a potentially unreliable narrator who may or may not be the last person on earth, sounds like it’s worth a read!

  5. At least you were courageous enough to send in letters to agents. I skipped that step and self-published. I heard the criticisms from fellow authors and reviewers. I re-edited my book. No matter which directions you choose, there will always be rejections and criticisms. But these make our work even better. Good luck!

    • After enough of them I probably will need to get creative about it too, the traditional publishing route might not be the best outlet for what I’ve written at the moment. And definitely I agree that I’m going to get criticisms and rejections from more avenues than just agents, it’s something I’m aware of but it does bear repeating, best of luck to you as well! Thank you for the kind words!

  6. Great post! I often feel the same way….There’s so many times I think ‘Why do I even write this blog? Why do I allow people the opportunity to ‘know’ me when they don’t KNOW me.’ But it’s one of those things where I have to write. I would die without writing. 😀 Keep up the good work.

    • I completely hear you on the need to write, it’s great to keep running into people through this blog with the same passion. Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement! Keep up your good work as well! 🙂

  7. They say that you will never realise how badly you want something until you are given a wall to stop you from getting to it, I have climbed so many times to get to the other times and I have fallen several times. Just earlier I was a bit frustrated after losing an 800+ word entry for Writing101 due to stupidity (thinking it got saved not saving it in Word for back up only to find nothing was saved). Thank you for reminding me about this. Let’s fall to fly higher 🙂

    • I completely agree, you realize how badly you want something as it constantly gets denied. That’s terrible that you lost an entry from not saving, that happened to me once on a smaller project and it made me really OCD about saving afterwards I hit Ctrl+S on instinct almost after every sentence haha happy to entertain looking forward to falling to fly higher along with you! 🙂

    • That makes a lot of sense that it would provide health benefits haha the release is worth it on its own like you said. Thank you so much for the support it means a lot! 🙂

  8. You are far from being unread. One rejection letter is just the start of an illustrious career!! You braved the unknown, that is amazing!! I always critique my work unmercifully, and revise beyond belief. This is not a negative, you are fighting back with forward motion and not giving up on your dream.

  9. Oscar, keep writing! You don’t need a literary agent to be published…you are published now because of your blog. I understand the pain of literary rejection, many times over. I also have learned that often in the literary works, it unfortunately takes money to make money. Keep writing, learn how to become a better writer, and remember your dreams…even if you have to work on the side for financial stability while you write 🙂 Thank you for finding my site, I am glad for the chance to meet you and read your writing! 🙂 -Gracie

    • Thank you so much for the positive and encouraging words! I agree it does hit a point where it takes money to make money I’m trying to plan my way through that potential route now. I won’t stop learning how to write better, and I’m definitely going to need other things on the side for a while. Happy to have found your site love the photos, and thank you for dropping by my site as well! I’m always honored to have another reader, hope I can continue to entertain! 🙂

  10. I feel you pain! I’ve received two “almost bought your story” letters out of around fifty form rejections in the last six years of querying. But you know, that one “yes” is what will make it all worth it. 🙂 Keep on writing!

    • Thank you for the support and words of experience! It’s a chaotic business, hopefully an agent someday takes me on, I’ll keep working until I hit that point. It’s true like you said it’ll make it all worth it! I haven’t gotten to those encouraging query rejections yet haha but that’s awesome that you’re at that point that means you’re close! Best of luck to you with getting your work published!! 😀

    • Haha I’m very grateful to have so much support! I didn’t expect this post to get too many views, but you’re absolutely right it’s been nothing but positive energy the community here on wordpress is amazing! Thank you so much for dropping by as well! 🙂

  11. I had a few typos. You can delete my original comment a few lines above. I meant to say, “Blog because you have something to get off your chest or to inform. If you want more viewership add a drawing or catchy title. Don’t forget to add tags. Otherwise, have fun.”

  12. Speaking of rejection….my comment was rejected! LOL! Ah….rejection is part of the journey in every aspect of life! Thank you for visiting my humble and lonely little blog! I don’t write on a frequent basis…only when inspired to post something, or rather, when time permits me to share the inspiration! I have always thought that even if there is one person in this blogosphere that enjoys what I share…I am truly blessed! Be encouraged and press on! Best of luck in your future writing…I’ll be checking in!

    • Thank you so much for checking my blog out and the words of encouragement! And I apologize I don’t understand how comment rejections work here haha no problem at all happy to check your blog out, and I completely agree I deeply appreciate every viewer it’s such a nice community here on wordpress! Thank you once more for your inspiring words, comments like these are just the sort of positive push I need to keep going, I’ll press on! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Francis! I’m sure there will be plenty more hurdles before I hit that hopeful point, but every bit of positivity goes a long way, thank you so much for the kind words. I’ll keep writing! All the best to you as well! 🙂

  13. Great post. First you must fall, and then fall again, until it becomes a bit frustrating ~ and then comes the day and you realize how much you loved that journey. Cheers and enjoy the ride 🙂

    • Thank you so much for those kind and positive words! I’m ready for the coming bumps and bruises I expect each successive hit to come even harder, but I know I just have to keep going and keep writing. Hope and pray your vision is accurate haha words like yours give me heart, thank you so much for visiting my blog! Cheers to you and best wishes! I’m looking forward to the journey ahead 🙂

  14. I think that you can see that this is the very kind of writing people want to read.
    It’s one rejection letter. Only one. I’ve been watching a lot of interviews with writers. Most of them were rejected multiple times. They believed in what they wrote and didn’t give up. Don’t give up… Many writers had to do other things until they got published.
    By the way, thank you for showing my site so much love. Appreciate it.😊

    • No problem at all, and I’m very grateful for the amount of support I’m getting here along with the solid advice it’s tremendous! I’m very actively doing other things in the meantime, but you’re absolutely right I can’t give up, and I’m very happy that other bloggers have connected with my writing it means the world to me. It gives me the lift I need, thank you so much once again for your supportive words and I like the style on your blog too you write at an incredible pace keep up the great work! 🙂

  15. That is one reason I self-publish. As my father said, “Get up off the ground and ride the horse again.” You need to try again and not give up. Everyone gets a rejection letter the first time. Do you realize how many good writers are rejected the first time? You can do it and will continue to feel more confident and successful. My best wishes, Anne 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m definitely not going to give up. And I’m under no illusions I know nobody breaks through fast I expected it, but it still pushes me. I appreciate the support, thank you so much for the kind comment every bit of support means so much to me! 🙂

  16. Well Oscar, it appears that many people have read your blog and responded. Book writing today has a whole different set of rules. We writers have to face the facts. First off, getting an agent and then a publisher is rare in today’s world. The big publishers (and a large percentage of agents) only go with known writers and/or first time writers with a famous name behind them. There is more competition today for book sales among a shrinking market. That’s why the majority of writers today are turning to self-publishing. I’ve been down the road of seeking an agent and seeking a publishing house. Been close on both counts (Doubleday/Random House encouraged me and kept me dangling with their final decision on one of my books for well over a year). I went through a similar process with an agent. I even received funding to write a treatment and first draft script based on one of my books. My screenplay never got picked up or into production. It’s a tough business…but writers write because they have to, not necessarily because they want to. We are driven people. Now I have turned to self-publishing…I built a platform for my writing with my blog…I go out and speak to groups about my books…I write and I am content. When and if something bigger happens with my writing, I will be grateful. If this is as far as I go, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to write and earn a living at it these past 20+ years, not to mention all the great experiences I’ve enjoyed during the process. I wish you great success in your writing career. Enjoy it no matter what. Beverley

    • I’m deeply grateful for everybody reading this post and providing so much positive and constructive feedback as well as personal experiences like this. It’s true publishers and most agents don’t like to take chances they want known commodities they’re businessmen. There is tremendous competition for book sales in the modern world, that’s awesome that you came close to deals with Doubleday and RandomHouse. That’s amazing that you’ve had so much encouragement you must be a fantastic author! I’ve never even attempted to draft a script though I’ve been reading different books like Save the Cat to get better at understanding screenplay writing. And I agree I write because I need to do it now. The benefits in my own life independent of everything else have really surprised me, reminds me of that quote ‘the urge to write grows with writing’ or something to that effect I can’t remember who said it, but my experience has shown me it’s more than true. I really appreciate your dropping by my blog and relaying so much of your experience to me it means a lot to me. Every bit of insight goes a long way. I wish you even greater success as well, and I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement! I’ll be sure to enjoy every writing experience through every medium. In a lot of ways the act of creating is its own reward, thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

  17. Oscar, everyone has said much the same… we have all had endless rejections, and I sometimes comfort myself by remembering that Thor Heyerdahl had over three hundred rejections for his manuscript of The Kontiki Expedition. We all write because it gives us joy.. this the only reason to write and the reason we keep on going no matter how many rejections. Good Luck in joining the club.

    • That’s incredible three hundred might be the highest count I’ve ever heard, I agree that the act of writing is its own reward and we keep going because it’s something we need to do now.. I’m under no illusions I knew it would be a long uphill climb to get to even graze a publishing house going into the process. Thank you so much for your kind comment and I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors as well! 🙂

  18. You are very welcome, and thank you for following my blog! I studied screenwriting and got to review scripts and films for the Toronto International Film & Video Awards, a task I very much enjoyed. I love dialogue…so I am naturally drawn to screenwriting. You’ve got the makings of a writer…stay the course!

    • No problem at all! And holy wow that sounds like such an incredible experience haha I’ve never even been to Toronto, that’s fantastic that you got to do that. And goodness thank you so much for that I hope you’re right! Haha I’ll do my best to stay the course 🙂

  19. You already know the path you are moving on and as my father told me recently – when you find success after many failures , it is not the usual kind of success.It is better than anything you could ever imagine for yourself.I am myself clueless as to why I am writing a blog when my thoughts aren’t even as lucid as your’s.You put across mental ramblings in a succint and readable manner.Some of us are still in “writing in my personal diary” mode.hehe.Put your best effort into it and I am sure things will follow.
    Love the way you make the reader , a part of your thinking process.

    • I find your thoughts lucid, your perspective that you want to love and be loved in a world that seems to do everything it can to shatter or corrupt that desire was very relatable, that was what I took from it at the least. From what I’ve read your posts carry a lot of meaning. I really appreciate your saying all that about my writing, I do try to make it readable and to include the reader in some way to make them feel where I’m coming from. I’m grateful that so many people are connecting with the things I’m saying it’s more than I could have dreamed, and I’m very very happy that it struck some type of cord. Thank you so much for the comment, I’ll keep working at putting my best effort into it, and I hope that I can experience the type of success after failure that your father was speaking of. It sounds like bliss 🙂

    • I’m strongly considering it, I don’t know for certain that I will go that route but it’s definitely a route that I am willing to go down. I didn’t want to rush to that because I wanted to think things through from as many possible angles as I could when it comes to going that way, but yes I’m thinking about it. Best of luck to you in your writing endeavors! 🙂

  20. I understand that receiving hundreds of rejection letters is only a sign that you are a VERY VERY good writer… Thank you for liking my blog, and best of luck. I had an ‘accidental’ short story published at the very first try, and although initially gratifying, there was really no effort so no long term effect! Such is human nature, min anyway: a little perverse. Result: I have not been bothered to write apart from my Blog since.

    • Wow that’s tremendous that you got published! I hope to hit that milestone of getting a short story published someday as well. No problem at all, thanks for stopping by my blog too! I like the content of your blog dogs are so cool. I just wish that I wasn’t allergic to them they’re so happy and always positive and loyal haha and I hope you’re right about the rejection stream as well, thank you so much for the positive and uplifting comment 🙂

    • No problem at all thanks so much for dropping by my blog as well! I like the content on your blog about dogs, they’re some of the coolest most loyal pets ever I just wish I wasn’t allergic to them it sucks dogs bring so much positivity. I hope you’re right about the rejection letter stream haha and that’s awesome that you’ve been published! I hope to hit that milestone of getting a short story published as well someday 🙂

  21. Don’t stop. Check your manuscript with a content and/or copy editor. Keep submitting it, it may just have been a wrong fit for the publisher. Take a class, online (my fav) or at your local community college to improve your writing skills. As for blog followers, they will come, slow and steady as people find you and get into your work.

    Good luck with your writing.

    • Thanks so much for all the constructive and positive advice! I’m enjoying the process of getting a following, every new follower gives me a dopamine rush haha I’ll be sure to not stop writing. I am planning on getting my manuscript to a solid editor at some point but I have yet to, I’m playing a lot of this by ear as I learn more about the industry as well as the beauty of the blogosphere. Thank you so much for the uplifting comment! 🙂

  22. Oscar, my ‘accidental short story’ publication came about because I saw a competition for a story about the destruction of Pompeii, a topic I have been fascinated by since I was 9. That is QUITE a while ago…. I enjoyed writing it immensely because I knew the topic very well, and I felt that fictionalising it was a privilege. I believe that is where the best fiction comes from: passion. As someone said: write about what you know, at least initially. If no-one else seems to recognise its value, at the very least it should have made you feel good to write it!

    • Very good advice, passionate writing comes through to the reader. You can tell when somebody cares about a subject. History’s always fascinated me too but I really need to brush up on my ancient Roman history! And it’s true if nothing else it feels great to write about things you care about, thanks once more for the comment!

  23. Good to read that you’ll keep sending more letters and not giving up. You just have to find that one literary agent that will “fall” for your writing. 🙂 Also, it’s always good to know the reasons of the rejections, those are learning points and sometimes there might even be useful information in between. And not to forget, having the worse agent for your great work is worse than having no agent, so keep trying till you reach that one great moment! 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog and for the like. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • All very helpful advice, I’ll be sure to heed it! Very true that I would rather have no agent than an amateur literary agent who no publisher will listen to. I am still waiting for a constructive rejection haha I’m very eager to learn. And no prob thanks so much for dropping by my site as well! I hope an agent some day will fall for my writing like you said! Haha thank you so much for the great comment and have a great weekend too! 🙂

  24. Oscar, never quit! That is all I can say. I think you write lucidly and with a rare honesty. I like to write even though I don’t plan to publish anything and sometimes I react to rejection from online communities (it’s been rare but just as difficult to take). We all want acceptance. At least you know that a rejected manuscript is not a rejection of you!

    • Thank you so much for the uplifting comment! I’ll never quit, I really appreciate your kind words on my writing style. I try to write with feeling and honesty, I’m very happy that has shown through and connected with people. I completely hear you when it comes to rejection it can be brutal from any source or avenue, but I’m sure that you could get something published some day if you so desired! Don’t let negativity bring you down from any source either, from what I’ve read on your blog you have a lot of unique perspectives on issues especially in your post ‘Appeal and Core.’ I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I got exposure to certain skills earlier on. I’m no expert on any of those issues of education, but the thoughts you raised in your post are certainly food for thought. There must be ways to improve education in the US. I think I understood the post, I apologize if I didn’t quite haha I really appreciate your positive comment! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the support! Definitely I’m going to need a good editor to run fresh eyes over my work, and definitely going to need a good cover designer, thank you so much for the great advice and the visit to my blog! Best of luck with your writing pursuits as well! 🙂

  25. I love the philosophy found within this piece. This exactly what you are, a philosopher. It’s really refreshing to find a writer online who is a philospher. I like the way you see the positive in life, regardless of how things may turn out. I like the analogy you make in here, through comparing your circumstance as a writer to that of a fighter in the movie Fight Club. You also make some interesting points in this article of how when a person falls, he needs to get back up no matter how often he falls. I like the way you stress how important it is for folks to keep on trying for their aspirations and dreams, no matter how many times they fall down. Overall, this is truly an inspirational piece.

    • Wow that was such a positive comment, thank you so much for this! I don’t know that I’ve ever been called a philosopher but I’m very honored to be deemed as such haha thank you for that as well, it’s true I think we should all find ways to turn all negatives in our lives to positives and motivation. I’ve always liked the movie Fight Club, on its surface it’s nothing much but there’s a lot beneath the superficial in that movie. I’m very happy you took something positive from my writing I could never ask for anything more than being able to have a positive impact on other lives through my work! All the best to you and thank you so much for your comment and checking out my blog!! 🙂

    • At least you have your books set up for purchase now that’s awesome! It’s true it stings, but I’m just happy that I’m making moves in the direction of my dreams finally. Thank you so much for the comment! Let’s both keep at it! 🙂

  26. Great post! Rejection can be felt in many walks of life. I love this: “All in all, before you rise, you first must fall. I can feel myself falling. I’m willing to write and fall better. Let’s fall some more.” I don’t consider your post negative! It is great coaching! Let’s keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the positive comment! I’m happy you took the post as not a negative but a positive, my goal was to transmute that which was negative in the experience into as much of a positive as I could. There’s plenty of rejection on the road to becoming a published writer, so I just know that I need to feed every bit of negativity towards my ambitions until I reach the heights I aspire to, as we all need to. Very happy you liked my post! Like you said, let’s keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the comment! It’s true I knew it was coming, I’m just priming myself to use all these things as motivation to keep pushing forward towards my dreams. Very true the only way is up now, thank you so much once again for the uplifting comment! *Hugs back* 🙂

  27. Your post struck a chord with me as I am going through the process of rejection too. In my case I’ve had more than one rejection letter, it is frustrating and does tend to make you doubt your own capabilities as a writer but I think you just have to shrug it off and keep on trying. To do what you love is not always easy but keep on going, wishing you good luck and success.

    • I’m happy the post connected with you, it’s true it is frustrating and does lead to doubt but you’re absolutely right you have to shrug it off and keep on trying. The writing is its own reward because it’s you doing what you love. I wish you nothing but good luck and success as well! 🙂

  28. Thank you for your impressive post and your fankness. Yesterday I saw a Swiss film called “SPARTIATES” by Nicolas Wadimoff, it’s not a famous film, but it showed me how perseverance and standing up and again in very difficult situations and respect are very important. I am sure endevour will lead to where you want to go. All the best.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I’ve never heard of that movie but I do tend to enjoy well made foreign films I’ll keep a look out for that one. The message of perseverance and constantly getting back up every time you get knocked down is a universal and invaluable message. I pray you’re right and that my writing some day is in the hands of as many readers as I can find, all the best to you as well! 🙂

  29. You , dear one are simply inspiring and I am so grateful for your kind introduction yesterday on my blog …will follow your bright journey with anticipation …blessings xxxmeg

    • Comments like these mean the world to me, I’m so grateful that you enjoyed this post! I pray that the journey will be as bright at the end as you anticipate, I feel blessed to have received so much support in my pursuing my dreams. Thank you once again for the lovely comment, I’ll do my best to get my story into the world! Many many blessings to you as well!! 🙂

  30. Try writing 500-1000 word articles for magazines and local newspapers. Enter poetry contests. Try to build an “I’ve been published” portfolio. Perhaps self publish that first novel amazon books, create space. Worth the investment in yourself and they are cheapest and max exposure too. Thanks visit my blog.

    • Very good advice, I’ve been working my way towards that but I’ve yet to submit stories to any magazines yet, hopefully I could get a short story accepted by one! I definitely do need an “I’ve been published” portfolio like you said, it would smooth the process over immensely. Checked your blog out I like the tooth fairy story and the confectionary baseball league as well as the idea of those objects you regularly misplace conspiring against you to hide somewhere hahah I like it it’s creative! And yeah I definitely am considering the self-publishing route, but I’m not going to go there just yet until I’ve really explored these other avenues, thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

  31. I feel your pain and have experienced similar peaks and valleys. I could never stop at this point. So many days turn from dull to brilliant, depressing to hopeful and empty to filled with life due to my being able to write. Between that and my photography I persevere and know that if only ONE person reads something of mine or looks at my novel and it means something, then, for me at least, nothing was in vain. Good luck with everything.

    • I hear all of that, thank you so much for the positive comment. I know it won’t always be skittles and rainbows, but still hitting those moments of self-doubt does require some introspection before the inevitable renewed push forward. I agree, so long as anybody connects with my work then I won’t feel it’s in vain at all. I like your blog, the dynamic of having your own photographs and then having writing accompany those photographs is really cool. I’m sure it’s never a dull moment when you have that type of talent to turn any day into such a beautiful artistic experience! Thanks so much once again for the uplifting comment, best of luck to you with everything as well!! 🙂

  32. You have many readers, does that help encourage you?
    Keep on writing in any case
    I felt your message was very positive.
    For your manuscript, maybe pretend you are writing the Reader’s Digest Condensed version?
    Thank you so much for liking “Pantry Purge.”
    Good luck, will look for your book in Books a Million soon!

    • It truly does encourage me, I didn’t have this many readers when I initially posted this up, but since then many people have re-discovered this post and have begun following my blog, and I am deeply grateful for it. The outpouring of support has been tremendous, I couldn’t have asked for a more positive response from the greater blogging community. And I really hope some day I am published and available on sites like Books a Million! Haha that would be such a dream come true. I sympathize with you with your food allergies to wheat, corn, tomatoes, and gluten that just really sucks, I have several food allergies too. Not those particular ones but I do have several. Plus I’m allergic to lots of animals too which sucks since I think dogs are so awesome. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment it makes me all the more inspired to keep pursuing this dream!! 🙂

      • Oscar, You are a Writer, and Writers Write! Dude, your first rejection letter? It’s time to pop some bottles and celebrate with friends! Why? Because your first rejection letter means you are DOING something and only writers get rejections letters from publishers! Listen, I did write a post recently on making friends with failure, and it mentions people who try more often, fail more often, and then succeed more often! Keep submitting your work, you are in good company! If you have friends who are good editors, maybe they could help you streamline, but I wouldn’t change your essence too much. Maybe look at being more concise? But then again, some famous authors write sentences as long as the Nile River, and it’s just about timing. Keep submitting, keep writing, and celebrate each rejection letter because they mean you are in the process! Cheers!!! Sasha, TheSaltyWoman.

        • Haha that really is the best perspective, it’s action so for that much I’m happy. I just need to keep up the action, thanks for this needed push. It’s true it’s important to fail fast and learn so you can try again from fresh, better-informed angles. I’ll be sure to keep submitting and to keep writing. And you’re right you need to enjoy and appreciate every step of the process! Thanks so much for the comment Sasha!! Cheers!!

          • Any time! Also, thank you for liking my post on Thoughts of a vapor, but I no longer use that name, just TheSaltyWoman now. Keep writing and kicking down some doors!! 😉

  33. Congratulations on blogging and on the pursuit of one of your dreams. Your rejection is a confirmation that you are living and dreaming. I hope you will consider submitting to our journal as a piece of your dream.

    • Thank you so much for the positive comment! And certainly I would consider submitting to your journal! I read what was displayed there it said January was a deadline? I would definitely be interested in being published in a journal though I have several short stories that I could put forward for consideration

      • January next year is the deadline for next year’s journal. The website offers information on ordering prior issues, if you are interested in taking a look at one. We hope to get the issues online at some point (but that process has been very slow).

        I am also one of the poetry editors at Red Wolf Journal (if you write any poetry).

        • Awesome! Okay cool I do write some poetry but I mainly write stories, but that’s so cool thanks for the heads up on the journal! It could be really cool to send some stuff over!!

    • No prob! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog as well, and thank you even more for the encouragement to keep writing!! I’m sure you’ll get there to whatever word count you so desire, though do know that 250,000 words apparently makes agents really afraid to take you on hahah happy writing and blogging and thank you so much once again for dropping on by!! 🙂

  34. I am so glad that you will keep submitting! I actually set up a folder in my email labeled: YAY! Rejections. You don’t have to go to that extreme, but know each rejection is getting you closer to a YES 🙂 Thank you for following my blog!

    • Not a bad idea at all I might just do that! It’s true every strike out gets you closer to the next home run like Babe Ruth used to say. No problem! Thank you so much for the kind comment and for dropping by my blog!! 🙂

  35. Getting your first rejection letter is, l suspect, the name of the game for most of us. You might call it falling, but keep focusing on the rising part! That’s what you’re clearly doing, and doing so with grace! Keep it up and good luck!

    • Thank you so much for the uplifting comment! I appreciate that you think I’m gracefully flowing through this process haha I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m bitter I’m certainly not. I knew going in this was a marathon not a sprint. Thank you so much once again for the positive comment, words like these are truly fuel for my fire I’ll do my best to rise as high as I can go!! 🙂

    • No problem at all I’m honored you dropped by my blog too! This is also a piece of my mind which, having written helps give me peace of mind like you said I think I said it right haha thanks so much once again!! 🙂

  36. I have often thought that if I was a guy (which I am not), I would lead a lonesome life since one “no” from the opposite sex would send me running. OK, I am trying to make an analogy here, and hope it worked for you. Remember, with acclaimed authors, we often see older works published after their best sellers because they were initially rejected. And I don’t think the number of words matters so much if you are able to keep the reader engaged. You love writing, so keep writing!

    • I can sort of see the analogy haha I’m under no illusions I knew/know that this is a process and that it involves a lot of let downs but that you just have to keep right on pushing! And true it would be fantastic if I were able to get the book I’m writing published and then later on be able to publish this manuscript I have written, and I really wish the word count didn’t matter so much but from what I’ve researched most agents don’t even read the chapters if the word count is too high for them, but I would love for that to not be true. Thank you so much for the great comment, it’s very accurate that I do love writing haha I shall keep writing! Thank you so much once again!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for all of the positivity, I’m doing my best to pursue this dream of mine! And I don’t take these rejections personally I just hope at some point some day an agent decides there’s promise in my work, thank you so much for the comment and for your readership it means a lot to me!!

  37. The general belief is that you have to paper a room with rejection notices before you’ll succeed. Imagine four walls, covered over…. by then a writer has developed a thicker skin, great determination and has a lot of words under her belt. Good luck and keep writing!

    • I shall keep writing! Thank you for the uplifting comment you’re right I need to make sure my skin is tough, I can’t let myself get brought down by individual let downs they come with the territory. I’m under no illusions I expected that, but it still makes me take a step back to re-consider my approach that it might be more fine tuned. It’s a marathon, I’ve heard the papering your walls with rejection letters idea from several people now and I am strongly considering it hahah thank you so much for the comment all the best!!

  38. “It’s not so much a desire as it is a necessity…”. You know you’re an artist, when you suddenly realize that you can’t stop yourself from pursuing this mad, unpredictable course. It’s in your blood. It feeds you and you feed it. Good luck with your writing! Thank you for stopping by and liking my latest post. 😉

  39. I understand trying to find direction in the blog world and wondering will anyone find your blog worth reading. Will anyone find it, period!
    Thank you for visiting my neck of the ethernet and encouraging me with your like. 😊

    • I hear you completely it’s been a process for me gaining a readership, but I’m happy to encourage you in any way I can! Keep at it! I have faith we’ll find better direction some day, happy blogging! 🙂

  40. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for this reminder about pushing on despite rejection. I’ve lost count of my rejections at this point, and I’ve started looking at every submission as “When I get my rejection back from X, then I can move on and submit to Y.” Good luck to you!

    • No problem at all thank you for stopping by mine! Very happy you took something positive from this post, we really just have to keep pushing regardless of what happens. Good luck to you with your literary pursuits as well!! 🙂

  41. It is lovely to see how many positive reactions you got here…
    So take a deep breath and just think it is the publisher’s loss… 😉 And keep on writing!
    Thanks for the ‘follow’, by the way.

    • No problem at all! Thank you for dropping by my blog too! It truly is lovely how many have offered their support for me it’s overwhelming in the most positive of ways, I shall keep on writing indeed! 🙂

  42. Thank you for stopping by my blog. This post of yours is thought-provoking, well-written and pertinent to all of us writers, so please don’t take one literary agent’s rejection too harshly. Remember that they are all trying to make money out of writers, and if they can’t be sure that your book is the next sure-fire blockbuster they won’t take the risk. This is no reflection on your talents as a writer. Keep on writing! After 18 months of agent (and some publisher) rejections I put my novel on Amazon and realised that they had been right – mine is not a blockbuster. But that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t found its own (small) audience. Yours will too!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, very true I don’t take any individual agent’s rejection too harshly at all but it does serve as motivation for me to re-think ways that I can better approach things, but that’s great advice thank you so much! I agree that it’s tough to know what will or will not be a best seller and agents take on a lot of risk taking on new writers, and that’s so cool that you’ve at least sold your book to people! It’s true whatever audience finds my book I feel it’s going to be worth it, I’m so happy that you felt the post connected with you that’s the whole reason that I write to connect with others!! Thank you so much once again for your comment and best of luck to you in your writing pursuits as well!!

  43. If you have but one rejections slip you have a way to go in my experience. I remember my first one. It was both discouraging and exhilarating to realize that I had at last placed something in front of an editor…no matter how sub-sub-sub the title of that editor. Good luck.

    • Very true I know it’s going to be a long journey it is both discouraging and exhilirating simultaneously haha thank you so much for the comment and the good luck wishes! Best of luck to you as well!

  44. What a lovely post! Most of my blogs are about just writing and forgetting about being published. I’ve had good luck in the past but the publishing world is changed and I bless my stars just to have the joy of writing. It’s all you can count on. Thanks for following me and I will surely do the same with you. We’re in it together, brother!

    • No problem at all, and I’m so happy you liked my post thank you! It’s true the publishing world is shifting every year, who knows where things are going to stabilize. And yes indeed the joy of writing is its own reward it’s a blessing to just have that freedom as a part of life. And we’re definitely in it together thanks for the follow!! Happy writing and blogging and to a happy life!! 🙂

  45. It is a long journey – I’ve been a professional foodservice journalist for 50 years and love what I do but always strive to be better. Loved the red pandas piece – adorable creatures who need more recognition 🙂

    • It is a long journey indeed, so happy you liked the red pandas piece as well! They are adorable creatures the whole world should know about them, best of luck to you in your writing endeavors as well! 🙂

  46. What’s that expression? Fall down 7 times, get up 8… There will be lots more rejection letters than acceptance letters – that’s just the way it works. Don’t sweat the no’s – just keep plugging and know you’re that much closer to a yes!

  47. Please forget about rejection, that happens to everyone. Also, the number of friends you have can be problematic. The important thing is to remember to keep posting. Like a flint that strikes steel in the attempt to start a fire, it only takes one…. and sometimes that single one well-framed spark, can be the start of an enormous intellectual conflagration!

    • I’m digging all of that hahah thank you for the inspirational comment! You’re right it doesn’t do to dwell on any individual rejection and I won’t, this particular post came about within that same day and while I was in a pretty introspective state. But you’re right I just have to keep at it, keep writing keep posting, hopefully there will be a spark one day that starts the enormous intellectual conflagration you have so eloquently prophesied! Haha thank you so much once again happy blogging!! 🙂

    • So happy you liked the post! I loved your post about the dos and don’ts of dealing with agents and acquisition editors, it’s very true it’s important to research agents and get a feel for them before you even consider any sort of interacting with them, tremendous tips outside that one as well but that one’s just so damn important from what I’ve read. I’m looking forward to heading to a conference sometime in the future, thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  48. Reblogged this on makeyourvoicesmatter and commented:
    Really like how you pull yourself together when you are falling apart… rejections are like scars received by a warrior in the battlefield.. scars which a writer has to learn from…. so keep climbing the mountain you would stumble on your way up.. but you would surely reach the top if u keep trying.. trying to make difference in this world.

    • Wow thank you so much for the reblog and this tremendous comment!! It’s true rejections aren’t too easy to deal with, but I’m prepared for every level of rejection I’ll inevitably meet on the way to a literary career. It’s true I want to feel that I’ve made an impact on this world, and I hope that once I finally am able to get my story out there that people will connect with it and hopefully feel like they’ve been enriched by it. I’ll be sure to keep climbing this mountain that we all must climb to reach our dreams, thank you so much once again for the uplifting comment it’s comments like these that keep me going 🙂

    • I’m happy so many people have responded to this post in a positive way, I know it’s not all going to happen over night but I certainly won’t stop writing. Thanks so much for the comment 🙂

  49. Oscar, keep writing many famous people got told they were no good at school and would not amount to anything and yet they did. Yes perhaps you need to condense your writing but at least you are writing. ps thanks for following my blog. Like you its my attempt to put myself out there into space and see what happens. It is also a discipline as I have never managed to keep a diary going, so at the ripe old age of 65 I am trying an online version.

    • Thank you for the supportive comment, I’m going to keep writing for sure no matter how many hurdles I run into but I definitely feel I must change and adapt along the way as I learn. And no problem at all, I know what you mean about keeping an online log of things it is cathartic in its own way, thank you so much once again for the kind comment 🙂

  50. Oscar,
    Oh. The falls and failings of writers. I look at them as necessary steps in the road to success. Stay at it. You are a very good, interesting ,and agile writer. Try to tighten up your prose to get those lower word counts. It’s good to see you received so much support from the blogging (writing) community. I am still at it after a long search for a publisher. In the meantime I’m writing children’s stories. That’s my first love. Write what you love. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. Best wishes for your writing success.

    • Thank you so much for the supportive comment! Very true they are necessary steps. I really appreciate your complimenting my writing style, I’ve tried to tighten up my writing a bit more but I do have a ways to go before I’m as efficient as I need to be. That’s awesome that you like to write children’s stories! I’m more into writing literary fiction and fantasy but I loved reading children’s books like Harry Potter growing up. I wholeheartedly agree, you’ve got to write what you love. Best of luck to you in finding a publisher and starting up your career as well! 🙂

  51. Trust me Oscar, you do have readers. I find your write up comical yet deep. Rejection is part of life, you will sure get acceptance soon enough. I can relate to this post especially the writing part. No matter how many times we fall, we just have to be picking ourselves up, and get going.
    Thanks for liking my post on 2talesisters blog. Have a great day.

    • Thank you so much for being a reader of mine, every reader means a lot to me. It’s true I knew I was going to get shot down it comes with the territory, and yes indeed we must always be picking ourselves back up from every knockdown. No problem at all, thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment! You have a great day as well!!

    • No problem at all, and thank you so much, if I can give anything positive to other writers in the same struggle then I’ll feel content it’s a tough arena to crack into out there

  52. Very aptly and optimistically phrased, sir. I appreciated your last line about falling some more. Though it looks like you’ve come a long way since then, I’ve always reminded of Einstein’s 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb at such times. We fail, but there’s always something to learn from and build from it. Thank you for stopping by my page. Best of luck to your writing endeavors!

      • No need to apologize haha I don’t mind nor did I notice i’m quite tired at the moment, thank you once more for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment on this post 🙂

    • You’re most welcome, so happy you enjoyed this post! I’m glad you enjoyed the portion of falling some more, there’s always something new to be learned from every experience. Thankful that you believe I’m making progress, I’ve still got a very long way to go though. Thanks so much for the positive comment and for your well wishes! Best of luck to you in all you pursue as well!! 🙂

  53. Appreciate your positive outlook while being in the midst of numerous rejections. I am no publisher, but here is my acceptance letter — of your perseverance and positive attitude. Joe A Scaria

  54. Thanks, Oscar, for the visit and the like.

    Regarding your rejection letter post, “you first must fall,” as a pilot: to learn to fly, you must first know what falling is and learn how not to. This is called “flight training.” On another tack, I have repeatedly heard comedians say, in regard to their craft, “You must fail, you must flop” to learn how to succeed.

    Perhaps, success is premised in mistakes and failure…

    So, congratulations on your rejection letter: I don’t even have one yet! 🙂


    • No problem at all, thank you for this kind and insightful comment! I’ve never learned much about the process of becoming a pilot, but that makes sense that learning how not to fall and what the process is would be important for a pilot to understand. It’s true how comedians often say they need to flop before they can really put up a great set in the future. Hopefully it’s true that I’ll learn what’s necessary to succeed from my experiences, thank you once again for the comment! All the best to you with your writing as well!! 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply and the follow.

        Not to sermonize, but learning to fly is all about balance and accomplishing the right actions at the right time … just like any new endeavor we undertake.

        In the case of writing, we learn to balance vocabulary, grammar, expression, voice, theme, etc. in order to communicate our creativity.

        May we all soar high and may all our landings equal or exceed the number of our takeoffs.


  55. Few authors don’t receive a rejection slip or two or more but that sometimes says more about the publisher than about your work. At the end of the day there’s always the Indie option which does allow you the lions share of the profits. When you’re a writer you write, even when your work isn’t published. Writing is a disease, I hope you don’t get cured.

    • I hear all of that, writing is truly a beautiful affliction hope you stay afflicted all your life as well! I may go the indie root I’m in an in between place at the moment but I’m strongly considering that. Thank you so much for the kind comment! Best wishes to you!! 🙂

  56. “Of course, our choices are close to infinite in reality. You never have only two choices in any given circumstance, but we reduce our choices to a few distinct selections to better grant structure to our lives, and create clearer direction.”
    This line really struck me. I’m very much a Sartrian Existentialist (if you’re unfamiliar with the works of Jean Paul Sartre, he was very interested in Choices & how they dictate our lives) & this idea really appealed to me. I too am a writer & I write for myself mostly, but it is nice to get recognition sometimes (BTW, thank you for liking my recent post on my own blog – Talking Theology With My Son). Indeed, first we must fall, but if we don’t fall – we rarely are able to appreciate the achievement of success when it does come! Keep writing. There are those of us out here in the world who love to share ideas & if you don’t write them out, your ideas never get shared.

    • Thank you for this comment!! I identify myself as an existentialist as well, but I still have a pretty strong draw to the spiritual side of life, I hope that’s not a complete contradiction haha I don’t necessarily see existentialism as a rigorous philosophy so much as a movement as others have said, I’m more familiar with Nietzsche but I am somewhat familiar with Sartre though I haven’t yet read any of his books. I’m definitely happy you liked that portion, and true I also write for myself mostly but it’s nice to let others into my head from time to time and now that I’ve written a work I like I really want to find a way to get it out to people in a way that’s meaningful. No problem at all I liked your post a lot actually, it’s amazing to hear that type of perspective from such a young kid haha you should be very proud your child’s a deep thinker. I agree I think we underestimate just how much brilliance there can be in the mind of a child, and I would say his view is sort of in line with my personal belief structure as well I believe God is within us all, and that my conception of God is not necessarily a Biblical, Abrahamic conception of God, but I do believe there is some Higher Power present Whom I honestly fear because I don’t fully understand Him, yet I sense His presence all around me. I sort of wrote my book struggling with these perspectives and it was my way of dealing with all the cognitive dissonance growing up in a very rigid religious structure can bring while having very independent and secular beliefs about the nature of the spiritual world, considering so much pain and suffering occurs within humanity. I definitely think you’re doing a good job raising your child to ponder these theological questions without forcing a religious perspective onto his free mind. Thanks so much once again for this deep comment I love having conversations like these haha keep writing as well!! 🙂

  57. You know, I have dreamed and dreamed about the day I get my first rejection letter from a literary agent because that means I’ve actually finished something enough to try. I applaud you for submitting for consideration and encourage you to keep all of your rejection letters to look back on.

    • Thank you for this, it’s true I plan on keeping them all. I’m sure some day you will have written a work of yours to completion and will be out there submitting to agents! I wish you the best of luck when that day comes, you’ll get the chance to shoot for your dream! Thanks once again for this positive comment!!

  58. Thank you for liking my post on Scribal Habit today.
    Oscar, a Real Writer doesn’t write in hopes of being accepted by an agent or even an audience. He doesn’t write for the money, although if he’s blessed the money does come in time. He writes because he can do nothing else. He “likes” to write in the way most people would say “I like to breathe”. <3

  59. I too have the rejection slips.. Frame them… BUT DON’T give up… Keep writing there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for popping in and taking a look at my blog. Happy writing AJ

  60. good luck on the writing, i’m sure after the stats of this post alone 212 comments and 307 likes (not too shabby)you’ve changed the idea that you shouldn’t engage in this catharsis.I too am a writer but not the publishing kind mine is just an art that opens my envelope of misery and happiness to the fresh air outside once in a while for i am an introvert with many things to say but in spite of that i truly understand your dismay.I learnt late in life to hold my failures and rejections close because truly your progress is just the sum total of all your failures, your successes are for everyone else.
    I feel bad about writing this i’m sure you are tired of coming back to this successful post to read pretty much the same thing, for that i apologize and now you can get back to your failures.
    stay frosty

    • Thanks so much for this comment! No need to apologize at all I don’t mind haha I’m very pleasantly surprised by the traffic this post has garnered and I’m deeply grateful for it the support has been tremendous! It’s true future success often hinges on knowledge gained from past failures. So happy you empathize with my dismay, you definitely have no need to apologize I’m grateful for every new reader. Stay frosty as well happy blogging!!

  61. I enjoyed your article , You sounds like me at some points and then I like it more!
    Thank you for liking my blog you are the first to like it by the way .. Good Luck in your writing career

  62. FALLING in love is wonderful, so wonderful so they say. Keep writing keep falling, keep getting up. Good luck with your search for an agent. I gave up and self-published. Not that one is better than the other. Like you I have to write. I’m not sure whether it’s a curse or a blessing. Thanks for the like on my blog.

    • No problem at all, thank you for checking out my my blog as well! I’ll be sure to never stop writing, it’s true I question whether or not it’s a blessing or a curse at times, but I choose to stay positive. Best of luck to you with your writing pursuits as well! 🙂

  63. Please, don’t give up! This is a cut and paste but I wanted to share it with you.
    Check out these excerpts from REAL famous author rejections:
    Sylvia Plath: There certainly isn’t enough genuine talent for us to take notice.
    Rudyard Kipling: I’m sorry Mr. Kipling, but you just don’t know how to use the English language.
    J. G. Ballard: The author of this book is beyond psychiatric help.
    Emily Dickinson: [Your poems] are quite as remarkable for defects as for beauties and are generally devoid of true poetical qualities.
    Ernest Hemingway (regarding The Torrents of Spring): It would be extremely rotten taste, to say nothing of being horribly cruel, should we want to publish it.

  64. Thank you for liking my blog In the Company of Myself ( I am really only just starting to write a blog in earnest. I have had a few short essays published in ezines, and I have had quite a few rejections. At first, I was heart broken as I read the rejection. Then I realized, anyone who wants to be a published writer will have to go through this many times. It is what will weed out those who are serious from those who are not. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading many more.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, you’re absolutely right the rejection process partly serves to weed out those who are serious about a writing career from those who are only passing by. I know it’s only the start for me experiencing this process firsthand. So happy you enjoyed reading my post, thank you so much for your readership, I liked your post on change. It’s crazy you’ve been through a lot, but I see that you’ve chosen to use your experiences as fuel instead of as negative weights in your life and that’s the best possible way to go it shows a lot of strength I applaud that. Thanks once again for your kind comment, writing is such a solitary experience it’s nice to have this sense of community about it through blogging sites like WordPress, all the best of luck to you in your every endeavor 🙂

      • Yo, Big O –
        I recently noticed your Comment on the 5/18/15 entry to my blog…mooches grasses, hombre! Glad to know SOMEone’s reading/understanding me! Can’t say I get too many “warm fuzzies” such as your “Like”.
        I often wonder if I’m merely destined for the literary scrapheap of blog-anonymity!? So, I just wanted to say thanx! Or, to quote that obscure duo, “Bartles and James” (of 1980’s TV adverts fame) “thank-ya’ for your support.”

        You obviously are quite the sensitive, insightful, philosophical sort. For one thing, you “thought 5/18/15 was pretty awesome”! OK, I realize that might come off a bit egotistical and self-serving. But honestly, I can also see/hear the evidence in your OWN writing, “You first must fall”. Very astute stuff, Senor Relentos. You are clear, concise, clever, and conscientious…all good qualities of a gifted writer, which YOU ARE! And judging by a quick surveillance of the numerous Comments from your readers/writers, many others are of the same opinion.

        I was particularly struck by one of your reflections: “…the current primary purpose of my blogging is for cathartic release so I can find some improved direction through the chaos of my ramblings, that I might get some peace of mind knowing that I’m in a state of action instead of dejection and complacency.” Wow, well, said, “S-OSCAR-TES”!
        You sound wise beyond your years, which I presume to be quite few (you are just a young and hungry pup, yes?!?)
        I decided early on in my blog-o-triping that my aim was NOT to be recognized or get published; rather I wanted, if not NEEDED, to write only for myself. Not only does this approach avoid a lot of unnecessary pressure on oneself, but I find it results in a greater sense of accomplishment and reward. If I like my own product myself, that’s enough. Everyone else can fuck off. Thus, I write not to be read, but to be released! My best advice to you, Oscar, is to do the same. Remember the old adage, “To thine own self be true”? Well, just change “be” to “write”…

        I look forward to maintaining a correspondence with you, dude. Cool with you? May I also be so bold as to invite you to sample some more of my blog postings? I’ve been rather delinquent the past 2 years, but I just re-surfaced this past week, which you apparently viewed. I started on my b-day, 11/17/10, and actually I feel that very initial posting is still one of my best efforts. Check it out – the launch of my quest (Moby Dick motif not-with-standing!) and give me your honest assessment. I promise to read more of your musings too. Write on, Wayne!…er…Oscar!

        definitely, definitively, & defiantly,

        – JTJ )

        • Gracias senor! So happy you enjoy my blog post and connected with it, I agree we must be true to ourselves, and more than anything else writing is for the self, we write to expand ourselves. So I’m with you on all of that writing is a fantastic release, but I’d still love to be able to create more out of it some day if I can God willing! Tough for me to respond to every bit of this comment but I really do appreciate your taking the time to comment on my blog it means a lot to me to have readers, and I see you are more than willing to speak your mind, more power to you in your blogging pursuits! My schedule’s been crazy as of late but I stopped by for a bit and I think you have an interesting angle on many topics, I’ve thought about many similar issues but I’ve as of late strayed away from making my blog too political, though when I do feel strongly about an issue I may speak on it, but you have your own vibe and your own voice and your own unique insights, and I wish you the best thank you for taking the time to take a trip through my ramblings 🙂

  65. Falling is good but flying is better. I have a draw of rejection slips. I stopped sending my books in twenty years ago.
    I’m still writing. I write for me.
    Who knows.
    Best wishes

    • True flying would be nice, I hear that, writing becomes a part of your being after a while. I know that I’ve got to keep at it to have any hope, hopefully some day something catches. Best wishes to you as well!

  66. Hello Oscar!

    Thank you for checking out and following realityspace! It is an honor…
    I know what that first rejection feels like… I try to remember it all happens for a reason.
    I have fallen more times that I can count…

    Take care,

    • No problem at all thank you for actively checking out my blog as well! I certainly hope it does happen for a reason, hope you catch your literary break some day! Take care!!

  67. Oscar, be of good cheer. Don’t allow this to steal your passion. I do understand where you’re coming from. Writing is like second nature to me. It is sometimes through rejections/setbacks that one can garner moss and obtain a second wind. Use this rejection as a muse to propel you to write that best seller. Already, I enjoy your words. Keep on writing. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog.

    • Thank you so much for these kind words of encouragement, I’ll do my best to use all such negatives as fuel! So thankful you enjoy reading my words, I’ll do my best to keep on writing!! No problem at all thank you so much for visiting my blog as well! I’ll do my best to be of good cheer!! 🙂

  68. It’s good to search your thoughts, share them, and write them down. Seems to be part of the writer’s cycle. I just received a rejection email. The piece wasn’t right for the current themed journal (downer) but they want to see more, (upper.) Keep writing, as I know you will, as each of us will.

    • I agree that it’s good to explore yourself and try to capture something of that exploration on the the page. And that’s awesome that you received positive feedback and that they want to see more from you! We shall both keep writing indeed, the grind never ends best of luck to you!! 🙂

      • Oscar, dude you are doing a great job. Your style of writing is passionate and philosophical; which, given the sorry state
        of some writers in this day and age of social media, now now now and shutting ourselves off from reality, your blog is a breath of fresh air.

        • Thank you so much for the compliment Angelica!! I try to write from a place of passion, and my becoming philosophical in so doing is partly by accident haha but I’m so glad that you connect with the pieces I produce!!

    • Dwell more on the happiness that you’ll experience when you get a check. See yourself putting that check in your bank account. Okay to feel bad about the rejection. But only for about a minute. Give more time to feeling you are a winner.

      • That’s a beautiful image haha thank you for this comment!! I agree only for a minute, you need to dwell in positivity and push forward with renewed passion not worth staying down in life 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the positive and productive advice!! I’ll be sure to continuously revise and edit until somebody decides to take me on, cheers to you as well!!! 🙂

    • I definitely won’t stop, I know I’ve gotta keep going. I certainly hope it is the truth that it’s darkest before the dawn haha thank you so much for these words of motivation!! 🙂

    • No problem at all thank you so much for checking out my blog as well!! Thank you for the motivational comment, I’ll keep at it as best I can and hopefully this track takes me to the right station in life 🙂

  69. I am also trying to write (still not yet at a point even close to trying to publish) but I can really understand what you mean!
    I hope you succeed, and I’m glad it sounds like you’re keeping at it. It’s good to hear from someone further along in the literary adventure! Look forward to hearing more from you!

    • So happy you feel where I’m coming from! I hope you succeed in your literary endeavors as well, we should both certainly keep at it and thank you so much for checking out my blog!!

  70. There is a saying in the sales world that you have to go through no to get to yes. Take what you can from the rejection letter and use it to improve. Fail better next time. AND write about it. Either here or in your journal. Won’t it feel GREAT to look back one day and marvel at how far you’ve come? YES!

    • I certainly hope so! And I agree with that saying, you have to go through no to get to yes, I’m doing my best to turn scheiße into sugar so they say and produce something positive and move forward, hopefully positive things lay in the future!! Thank you for the inspiring comment!!

  71. Never give up. JK Rowling had tons of rejections now look 🙂 F Scott Fitzgerald is more famous now than when alive. I know lots of struggling artists. They are so disenchanted at times and want to quit but so far haven’t. Never give up. Van Gogh wasn’t appreciated till he was gone. Bothers me that happens in the creative world. Too many people dont appreciate it.

    • Thank you so much for this inspirational comment, it would be an honor to just be published and read by even a small community in the future, and it is sad that too often many artists of all varieties from painters to musicians to poets never get the notoriety they deserve in life, or at the very least not until very much later. Such is the way of the world, but it’s too much of an addiction for me at this point I don’t know that I’ll ever stop and I’m happy to know that your friends won’t stop as well, we all have to stay true to our passions, all the best to you 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement and the kind words.. I’ll do my best to keep at it and learn as much as I can to build upon what style I have and to improve my literary technique, thank you for this comment!!

    • Thank you for checking out my writing. I’m glad to read yours, I also enjoy your casual and introspective style. And the no is one answer closer to the yes. Keep writing!

      • Thank you so much for this kind comment!! I appreciate your compliment of my style, I try to just put down what’s on my mind and I’m very grateful that people have connected with it. I certainly hope the no is one answer close to the yes, thank you very much for the encouragement to keep on writing!! Have a wonderful day!! 🙂

  72. When I first started my silliness, I had a stack of rejections that really depressed me. Now? I write for myself. If someone likes it, Great! If not, then they quit reading my stories and statements but I keep on writing, trying to improve my work. I am a published author ( 2 people have purchased my work, so I’m published 🙂 but in my case, publishing wasn’t my goal. Like others who’ve told you “keep it up” I’ll offer the same advice, “Keep it up”. Oh, and rejections are like little love letters IF the rejector says more than “we’re not accepting new authors”. IF they tell you what you did wrong, in their opinion, then use that info to help you become a better writer. In the end only YOU can decide how good or bad your work really is.

    • Thank you for these kind words of advice! I hear that I write for myself as well, getting published with a commercial publisher would be a welcome blessing but for the most part I do write primarily for my own well being and entertainment, thank you so much for the kind comment and best of luck with your writing as well!! Happy blogging!! 🙂

  73. Hi there. Have you considered making it an ebook. I’m not sure if the normal publishing channels, want “all your rights to your book (electronic, hard cover, and audio) but you do not have to give up all your rights to yourr work with an ebook. Additionally, you can test the market for your book, and get feed back. If it selols as an electronic book, then you have a track record you can reffer to. Also you can publish “print on demand, or unpublish your work if it is a winner, and go the route your going now. You have a ton of options. The lenghth of a book seems to be a significant factor to it’s salability. Publishers want no risk and big profits, and they could almost publish three books for the price of publishing one your size.
    I’ll give you my opinion for what it’s worth. Do what you love, and if you need more money, get a side job if possible. Write your book your way, if it is for you. Write your book, for others, if they are going to be reading it. The more people you want to read your work, the more you’ll have to shape it to fit what people want.
    Good luck

    • Very productive and positive advice thank you! I’m strongly considering publishing first as an e-book and then seeing how things pan out, though I do want to trim it down before I even go that route, and yes I hear you publishers want no risk and big profits like you said. I agree I need to shape it to fit the market, and that’s the challenge fitting it to the market and feeling out what writing works and what doesn’t work, I’m trying to pick up new knowledge as I go. Thank you for the positive advice and the well wishes! I agree with what you were saying in that post you put up, most books put out represent a re-packaging of thoughts all ready thought at one time or another, whether the writer is conscious of that fact or not. I just hope that whatever I’ve written can somehow resonate with people and maybe speak to some truth about the human spirit, thank you once again for this kind and productive comment!! All the best to you!!

      • If you want to go the route of an ebook, you could break it up into smaller pieces, about 50 to 80k each. Offer the first book in the series free or at a low price and sell the rest for a higher price. Quite a few big sellers on Kindle do it that way as a means to get people interested, and you’d have an advantage because the series is complete.
        Good luck with whatever you decide.

        • Thank you very much for this idea! I’ve been considering an approach similar to this but I haven’t quite decided yet, I really appreciate getting input from other writers though it really helps me make a more informed decision about what would be a solid approach. Thanks once again and best of luck in your literary pursuits as well!

  74. your welcome. See,…even my terrible spelling didn’t turn you off. God,…I should read what I write before I post. Oh well, it just goes to show you that if you have what people want, then they won’t even notice little imperfections in your work. Alternately, if they are not interested in it, then being very criticle of it is so much easier for them. Don’t even get me started on critics!!!

    • I didn’t even notice any spelling errors until you mentioned it then I noticed critical just now lmao but yes I won’t get you started on critics! I see very little use in most heavy critiques of literary works, if you micro-analyze anything you can always find imperfections. I’m always reminded of a Murakami quote when it comes to writing though, something along the lines of “There’s no such thing as perfect writing, just like there’s no such thing as perfect despair.” Happy writing and blogging!!

  75. Hi, Oscar. You said you have to write and that you don’t know your blog voice yet.
    Do you. Just do you.
    If you need to write, then write and don’t worry about who sees it. Chances are what is of interest to you will also interest someone else. Write in your own voice and people will either appreciate it or not. Clearly, with as many comments as you have to just this post (273 as I am posting this), that is not an issue. You could make the best cake in the world, or the most beautiful pair of shoes in the world, or the greatest suit in the world and there simply will be others who do not feel the same way. It’s so individual. Actually, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We value individual taste.
    There are a million reasons why your MS could be rejected—none of which have anything to do with the quality, subject matter or length of your work. Did you read about J.K. Rowling’s rejections before some little tiny publisher finally agreed to publish Harry Potter? Amazing.
    You write because you have something to say. So, just say it. People have all sorts of rules about blogging. Don’t make your pieces too long. Be consistent. Do it often. Whatever. Ignore them and do what your heart tells you to do. Like you, I blog because I have something to organize in my head and something I need to get off my chest. Having someone else enjoy it is a bonus. I didn’t do it for them. I did it for me. And if it resonates with others, I love it. But, the minute I do it for them, I’m not going to be true to me because I’m then seeking their approval.
    If you don’t know it, figure out your goal. That will dictate what you do. If you want money or fame from blogging, then follow the rules that get you there. But, that’s totally different than doing it purely because you have something to say. I was once a labor mediator/arbitrator. One day during a break, one of the lawyers for one of the parties came up to me and told me he’d seen (on a legal website, long before the Internet as we know it was popular) some of the legal articles I’d written. I was glad he told me that. Once he did, I knew I was going to stop being a labor arbitrator. I knew that it would be difficult for me to write legal articles without having potential future clients in my head. As between my legal writing and my arbitration, I chose the writing. I wanted my mind clear for whatever conclusions I thought my legal analysis brought me to rather than what I thought would make me someone who would be chosen to arbitrate a dispute. I never regretted the decision.
    I’m sure this is far more than you’d care to hear, but there you have it. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much for putting down such a thoughtful comment!! I’m doing my best to just do me but I’m slowly trying to strike a balance between what a readership requires of me and what I need to stay true to the voice I’m finding. All in all, I agree that I write mainly for my own satisfaction, but I love writing so much that I would love to be able to make a career out of it so I could just do it all day everyday. I appreciate getting thoughtful comments from readers, it gives me a sense that something I’ve said has resonated with them, and for that I’m deeply grateful. I’m slowly navigating my way through this somewhat foreign world, thank you so much once again for the positive vibes and for the encouragement to stay true to myself!! 🙂

  76. They say that artists of any ilk must have thick skin. Writers, artists, poets, sculptors, actors, all get the rejection letter, the bad review, the no thanks. Some hang up the easel, or put away the chisel, but most, those who love what they do, continue on. It is their passion, part of them, without that passion, they would not be whole. We fall down, we pick ourselves up, we allow a little whine or wine or both, and we do it all again. Whether we do it for ourselves, or others, we can only strive to make it the best it can be at that time. One rejection letter is just that, one rejection letter. I do not like every author I read, or painting I see. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, just that I don’t like it. There are many agents, publishers, fans, and somewhere , there will be the one. So keep on keeping on. Write until your eyes are blurry and your fingers cramp from keyboard or pen. Just keep writing.

    • Thank you so much for this encouraging comment!! I’ll keep on writing until the point where my fingers ache, and I do my best to keep a thick skinned mindstate. I don’t anticipate everything to always be sunshine and rainbows in a world like this, and I agree that it’s completely understandable that for some people a piece of work might not resonate with them and they’ll discard it, and that’s just a reality of our being unique individuals with unique tastes looking for unique things in the pieces of art we like. Hopefully you’re right in that somewhere out there in the big vast world there’s an agent who believes I show some promise. Thank you once again for this comment perspectives like these help me keep on keeping on, best wishes to you!! 🙂

  77. congratulations on your first rejection. When you have enough rejection slips to paper your kitchen – like I have – then you can consider a change of direction! I am now working on getting enough to paper my bedroom, which is much bigger.

  78. Hey oscar, thanks for the like on my fledgling blog. I know what you may be going through. Have you considered self publishing, that’s the new wave out here and yes, 250,000 words may be a little much. Is there any way to divide you book into two or three parts? You can check out for some really great resources and also the for more tips. Both of these places really helped me out when I first started to write and you have ALOT of readers my friend. Great journey great story

    • No problem at all James, and yes indeed I’ve been thinking of going the self-publishing route though I’m not yet decided on what manner I will go about it. The word count is a bit too high, I’m trying to parse it down but I’ve taken something of a break from my manuscript while I work on a short story collection so I can return to it in the future with fresher more objective eyes. I appreciate your showing me some resources, and I’m very grateful to have a growing readership every new reader means a lot to me it’s been a long period I was just writing with nobody reading anything I wrote this is a very new experience for me haha thank you so much for the comment and the insights!! Cheers and best of luck to you!!

  79. You are in very good company. All of us debut authors will receive countless rejections – although I’ve counted each and every one of mine – and we’ll keep going forward until our publishing goal is reached. I remind myself of this sentiment when I’m sending out yet another query: A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.

    I will echo previous comments by suggesting that a 250,000 word book is extremely large. Not sure what your genre is but unless you’re rewriting history, that’s a very difficult size for publishers to want to take on. That’s a 1000 page book and the author who can get away with that length is someone like Ken Follett. My current contemporary fiction novel – for which I am trying to get representation – is 65,000 words, down from 140,000 words in its first iteration. I learned that I don’t have to put absolutely everything into my novel; the temptation is very strong to do so but it’s not a good strategy.

    • I agree I’m very much so trying to push down that word count. And definitely there should be no stopping until we reach our goals. It’s a grind. The temptation to put it all into the book you’re on is strong like you said, I’m doing my best to refine my approach and make my writing more economical as best I can. I’m taking it day by day, constructive comments like these really do wonders for me thank you for the positive vibes and best of luck to you in your literary pursuits!!

  80. My friend, I am sure you will be a successful writer some day. I dont know you, you dont me, but that does not matter in that respect. Being successful in living your dream is not about how many words your novels have. It is solely about how much you are willing to take before you are successful. Keep working on your dream. Dont bother yourself too much with how you are going to do it. Just dont quit. No matter what, YOU WILL GO THROUGH THIS.

    • Thank you so much for this motivational comment!! I agree, I don’t know how it will happen but I’m not going to stop until it happens. I’ll keep working on the dream, thank you once again!!!

  81. Hi Oscar. I have only started writing since my son passed away last year. I am pleased if even that even one person reads what I write. Writing is healing for me. It is a way to connect with my heart, my ‘self’. It is not a literary exercise for me. Just my inner voice. The best language is silence. Words often don’t do justice to how we feel. They are a limitation within which we work. xxx Good luck with everything you do.

    • I like that line a lot, ‘words often don’t do justice to how we feel.’ Too true, and I’m so very sorry for your loss.. Best of luck to you with all you go through, I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child but I lost my father last year and I found writing helped me a lot to get through that very dark period. I agree it helps us to better discover ourselves, I find it to be an exercise in self-exploration often. If nothing else writing is a very therapeutic exercise for me, and I pray it continues to be healing for you as well. Thank you for the comment, wish you nothing but the best 🙂

  82. What you wrote is you realizing you are changing and aware of your shift. You write with your soul, so you are a writer and there is no good or bad ones, there is only writers who persist or quit. I read here that you have decided not to quit. Bravo, I admire that! Keep growing, it’s worth it! You have inspired me today and that is the real purpace of writing, in my opinion. So thank you. Christine 😀

    • You are so very welcome I’m happy to send whatever positivity and inspiration I can your way through my writing!! I agree that’s one of the best purposes for writing, to connect with other souls and to move them. So happy you felt something reading what I’ve written, and I’m certainly not going to quit however long it takes and I’ll do my best to keep adapting and growing in the process!! Thank you so much for the positivity you’ve sent my way!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this kind comment!! The positivity flowing from the blogosphere has been overwhelming, and I’m very humbled by it and grateful for it, the support has been tremendous. Positive comments like this give me even more fuel to keep going, thank you so much once again for your kind words!! 🙂

  83. There’s a great story Stephen King tells about being a young writer. He put the rejection letters up next to his desk, nailed to the wall. After a while he had gathered so many rejections that he removed the nail and pounded a railroad spike into the wall to hold up the letters.

    • Wow I never heard that story!! A railroad spike oh my God haha Stephen King has an amazing come up story, his book On Writing really inspired me even more to become a writer, thank you so much for the comment!!

  84. Oscar, never give up! Never give up! I enjoyed reading this blog. Well written. Never give up! You have talent. Keep on keeping on! Never give up! This is a well written blog. I liked it a lot! Did I mention this, never give up!

    • Thank you so much for this uplifting comment!! I’m not giving up I don’t plan on it, but I know it’s going to be a grind it won’t happen fast. I’m so happy you like what I’ve written it means the world to me to know that people who read my blog enjoy my writing!! Thank you so much once again for the positive vibes!!!

  85. While I would not describe myself as a successful writer, having posted a weekly blog for over five years and written several non-fiction books (only one still in print), I probably have a bit of experience in the field. Admittedly, as a retired university professor (degrees in math/physics and computer science), my motivation probably is considerably different than yours: writing never will be my “profession”. Still, I occasionally receive requests for advice from other people desiring to get a start in the field.
    If this is what you want, keep at it: do not become discouraged and give up. You are in good company: Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis was rejected by fifteen publishers, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach by eighteen publishers, Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl – twenty rejections, The Peter Principle by Laurence Peter – sixteen times, Dubliners by James Joyce – twenty-two times, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig – 121 times, and even Carrie by Stephen King received thirty rejections. With only one rejection, you hardly have begun.
    The best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell postulated that anyone could achieve proficiency in a profession after 10,000 hours of dedicated and intensive honing of their skills. This is comparable to spending forty hours a week for almost five years. Yes, depending upon natural talent some people achieve success with less effort, others take longer.
    Keep in mind that it is not easy to write a good book. In fact, 98 percent of the books submitted to publishers and agents will be rejected. A quick perusal of bookstore shelves will show that most published works are at best third-rate.
    The majority of people who begin a book never complete it. By having at least submitted your manuscript, you are one up on the pack.

    • Wow amongst that listing I actually never knew that Carrie was rejected so damn many times that’s insane. I’m familiar with Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, I know that proficiency in this field doesn’t happen over night and without a concerted effort, I’m certainly not going to stop keeping at it. I hope to just continue to build my skill set as a writer and to not stop working while I try to balance my pursuit of my dream with my day job. Thank you so much for the insightful and constructive comment I appreciate all the advice!!

  86. It’s interesting what verbalising intention does as feedback into our intention, self-fulfilling prophecy vs affirmation vs catharsis. It’s even more potent when your verbalisation is accurate and articulate, such that you may in fact reinforce and even further refine your beliefs about something – merely by writing about them. That’s an interesting feedback loop to wield, as a whetted point as you forge ahead into the murky depths of incoherent, chaotic scattering of immediacy, entirety and infinity all violently chiming in meaningless awful unison, the erupting haze of reality sewn into ordinal cohesion as a written linear passage. Also interesting to plumb the depths of what reality is, and how writing is/isn’t reality. Clearly it has very real effects, even when it’s a fiction.
    Anyway, that’s my little spiel of curiosity. I think you have a very erudite grasp of the intersections between agency and structure, and I think you should push ahead with the apex of your writing and bringing meaning to the blank but impossibly heavy mass of reality. Open the doorways in the field of infinite potentials, who knows, maybe even win over a publisher or some other cataclysmic aversion.
    Also; have you read much of Ben Learner and Michael Clune? You might (at a guess) like them.

    Time’s Arrow/the river of time; each word is the substance we are made of, and yet the words have not yet all been said. Don’t stop.

    • I feel like I had some type of metaphysical epiphany while reading the first paragraph of your comment haha thank you for this comment!! I really like that line at the start where you mention how verbalizing intention helps you refine your beliefs about a thing. I’ve actually never heard of Ben Learner and Michael Clune but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the, I just read a Ben Learner quote on Google that said ‘I could imagine it in a way that I felt like remembering’ he sounds like he has an interesting thought process. Thank you once again for the thoughtful comment, I dig the chaos of your writing style and I appreciate your analysis of my writing style, it’s tough for me to separate myself enough from it to look at my style objectively and I’m still at a phase where it seems my style shifts significantly depending on my overall mood. It’s going to be a long road ahead, and every bit of encouragement goes a long, long way for me. It’s been a long time that I’ve been writing without knowing whether or not it would resonate with people, and to suddenly have such an influx of positivity has been a blessing. I won’t stop.

  87. Many (famous) writers were rejected before they managed to get published, so you’re in good company 😉 Hm, you said you don’t have a good planform or enough readership – look at all the comments here and people who liked your post! I’d be overwhelmed with support if I got that. Keep your chip up and keep enjoying writing. Someone will spot it and boom, you’ll have your book out. On the other hand, you can always self-publish.

    • I hope that I can continue to get in their company in other ways that would be a blessing haha I’m very grateful to have so many people who have shown their support of my dream to get my book published, I am indeed overwhelmed but I know I can’t stop. I’ll be sure to keep my chin up and to continue to enjoy the creative process of writing, and hopefully an agent does connect with my story and decides to represent me for traditional publication, though I am considering multiple possible approaches with the latter route of self-publishing. I apologize if my thoughts are a bit disjointed it’s been a long day haha but thank you so much for the comment!!

  88. Reblogged this on Ritatrevalyan’s Weblog and commented:
    You express the doubts and fears nearly all writers face very cogently. If you’re like me, Oscar, you can’t NOT write. It’s compulsion, not a mere career choice. You chose it because you MUST write. You don’t write because you want to , you write because you HAVE To. There’s a name for a condition like ours. It’s called hypergraphia. Go to, and sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo. Sign up to be my cabinmate. I think we can do wach other a lot of good.

    • I completely agree I can’t not write, and these doubts are more universal than I initially realized. I’d never heard the word hypergraphia before haha thank you for introducing me to that word and thank you so much for the reblog!!

  89. Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul, Success Principles) was rejected by over 100+ publishers. J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, all those great authors were rejected numerous times. Just keep at it! The difference between them and those that didn’t succeed is they kept going. You inspire me! My goal is to become a writer, and I have so many stories that I’ve started and never finished. You’ve gotten as far as a rejection letter from a publicist. If you keep going I know that rejection will turn into an acceptance.

    • Thank you for the inspirational comment!! It is crazy to think about how many times such great authors like JK Rowling and Stephen King were rejected, their stories inspire me to keep at it. And I’m so happy I was able to give you whatever amount of inspiration I have, I sure hope you’re correct that the tide will turn somewhere down the road, thank you once again and happy writing!!

      • No worries! That’s what we are all here for is to support each other on our individual road to success. When (and I’m never going to say the word “if”), but when your book gets published, let me know! I’ll be one of the firsts to buy a copy!

        • I completely agree, and thank you soo so much!! I truly hope you’re right to use when instead of if haha I’ll be more than happy to let you know when that day comes, thank you so much once again for your readership!!! 🙂

  90. Hello, Oscar….It’s funny how many similarities there are between writers and artists. Or maybe it’s not so funny. Rejection, be it letters or verbal, stings just the same. The fact is that if you don’t have connections in the publishing industry (or in any of the creative arts, for that matter), the going is that much tougher as far as trying to get that “big break” is concerned. I guess the thing is not to take the rejections personally. When it really comes down to it, you’ve got to keep on striving and creating. Sometimes you have to take baby steps towards that goal, even if it means that you work in dead-end jobs to support yourself while you work towards your ultimate goal. The one thing that I’ve found to be true is that whatever you do in life, it costs money, time, and energy. Since most of us don’t have wealthy sponsors and cannot pursue our goals without some means of support, we may have to pursue our goals & dreams piecemeal. Hold down the unsatisfying job and take care of your needs, but also be sure to set aside time to do the things you love. Although I would love to dedicate myself to being a full-time artist, the reality is that I don’t have the money and resources to do so. It’s nearly impossible without any means of support, and that increases when one stops to tabulate some of the true costs of being a full-time artist. Besides the cost of supplies and equipment, there are also the costs of travel, hotels, meals, transportation, promotion, the payment of taxes, among other expenses. This makes it both impossible and impractical for most people to be full-time artists. Therefore, you have to be able to work towards your goals piecemeal.
    Also, don’t let anyone dictate to you whether or not to pursue your goals. This applies even to those who “mean well.” All the naysayers made their choices in life, so don’t allow them to dictate yours. Most of all, don’t let the companies and their editors dictate your life, either. In short, keep doing what you love & keep striving for as many platforms for your vision as possible. Most of all, keep doing research and always be receptive to learning new things. We owe this to ourselves as striving artists.

    • I agree there are a lot of similarities between writers and artists, it’s true that same resilience towards rejection needs to be built for both. Having no prior connections really does make the going tougher like you said, and I really don’t take the rejections personally but I do my best to adapt to the realities around me, and I agree we just need to keep right on pushing. I don’t have the resources to become a full time writer as well, but I’m finding ways to enjoy what I do for work. It’s true we have to work towards are goals bit by bit, it doesn’t happen overnight.
      And I completely agree, we can’t let others dictate to us the course of our lives. We need to recognize that in the end, it’s our lives to live. I’ll be sure to be receptive to learning new things, definitely a part of the deal with this type of pursuit. Every new step challenges a pre-conception about the approach to the goal. Thank you very much for this inspirational comment 🙂

  91. Hey. Thanks for liking my post ( it was a brainstorm post, so slightly incoherent.
    I think you’re a great writer, and should definitely up it up a notch.
    I have found that visuals work great in websites, and the more successful ones have pictures near the articles (almost like the news websites or which attracts more readers.
    As far as rejection from publishers, I wouldn’t take that too seriously, as it’s completely subjective. You just need to submit your work to hundreds of people until you find a match. Half the people you may submit to are uneducated, and are simply not on a level to even read or understand your content. related in one of his seminars which I had attended that he had been “screwed over” by multiple publishers and Goliath’s when he was younger. But when he focused on his website more, and began posting with a large following, he was offered a $50,000 upfront contract to publish a book based on his articles.
    Keep writing and let them come to you. Just market yourself enough, so that people know you exist.

    I can really use some motivation to publish my articles (I have so so many on desktop and personal files) and would love to co-write with someone. I don’t have many fully edited articles on my blog but this would be pretty close to an edited article . I like to rewrite an article up to 8 times before I am satisfied with it. If you’re interested in writing together, or simply exchanging ideas and resources, about making money off a blog or the like, drop me a line on iamyourfit. Thanks Oscar-

    • No problem at all thanks for the kind comment and for checking my blog out too! If you have lots of articles all ready set up on your desktop I’d say go for it and try to get them out there into the world systematically and keep patience while you build a readership. In regards to collaborations I’ve just been really busy as of late doing so many things outside of blogging, but I wish you nothing but the best with your blogging pursuits! That’s a crazy story about Steve Pavlina, I agree we just need to keep writing and creating and hopefully somewhere down the line the stars align for us 🙂

  92. Wow, this is really insightful. Thanks for posting this, it was a great read. I was also thinking about writing a book. hope you find a brilliant literary agent and get your book published. Also 250,000 words that is awesome. i hope i can write that much in one book in the future.

    • You are more than welcome so happy you enjoyed the read and found it insightful!! If you have a burning desire to write a book I say go for it!! I’m sure you could write that many words as well, though I wouldn’t advise it as I’ve found it can cause problems 100,000 words appears to be the preferred and expected count within the industry, thank you for the kind comment!!

  93. We all feel like that sometimes. I hope you’re feeling more optimistic now. I’ll give you the same advice as the others, don’t be let down, keep moving ‘eppur se muove’, like the whole universe 🙂 Don’t let one or even a hundred persons’ opinions weigh you down. I have a suggestion for your long manuscript, what about making it longer, reaching 300,000 and make it into a trilogy! Whatever you decide to do, you can change your strategy, but not your objetive! Thanks for sharing your feelings 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment!! I am feeling more optimistic now but I know the job’s not even half done I still need to put a lot of work in before I’m anywhere near my literary objectives. And I agree you can’t let the opinions of even a hundred people weigh you down, you have to keep going. And that’s a very interesting idea haha a trilogy would be tremendous something worth considering! I agree the strategy must be ever-adapting but the objective remains the same thank you once again for your kind and insightful comment 🙂

  94. Thank you for checking out my blog. The concept is new to me and I’ve never really read other blogs so I may be overdoing it a bit. Oh well. lol I liked Lucia’s idea – write on! Thomas Edison apparently was a firm believer in try, try again, not looking at any attempts as failures but as one more way he learned it didn’t work that way until one time it did. To the tune of thousands of times! Dream, visualize, commit to your goal of being published and change whatever has to be changed as you learn and evolve is my humble advice. Let nothing stop you. I look forward to being told when your book is in print so i can go read your book!

    • No worries you’re not overdoing anything haha thank you for checking out my blog too! I believe in trying over and over again indeed until finally something clicks, I’m in a strange transient state where I’m constantly trying to adapt and play things by ear especially in my pursuit of this publishing dream. And I’m so happy you look forward to reading it! If ever I do get a book deal I’ll certainly make sure it’s readily available to any and all readers of this vast world thank you so much for your fantastic comment!! Have a great 4th of July Sharon!!

  95. Love the fact that your blog is all about writing !!! no frills required …and with 300+ comments on this post i am sure you are not feeling the same anymore …btw thnx for liking my post .. i am new to this and any form of encouragement is a big boost …Keep writing !!!!

    • Very happy you dig the overall theme! Definitely I blog about random topics but in the end, my blog really is primarily about the writer’s experience, and I’m very humbled by the amount of encouragement I’ve gotten through this blog and this blog post in particular it’s been a great blessing to have anybody reading my thoughts!! And you’re more than welcome, it’s true proper digestion is incredibly important for a healthy lifestyle I’ve noticed what affects me the most in this regard is stress and lack of sleep for whatever reason, but I definitely agree that more water consumption is a must and definitely need to make sure lunch is my biggest meal. Most days lunch is but sometimes I put it off till too late with work which is a definite no no haha great post!! And thank you so much for the encouragement I’ll be sure to keep writing!! 🙂

  96. Thank you for making a connection lovely . I love this post because it is so personal and you are laying yourself bare to the world ~ being honest. This is rare. Being able to share yourself in this way is a true gift and my offering ~ the content is irrelevant 😉 This is your process around relationship and being the gift that you are. You know what I do ~ if you would like to know more about your bigger picture pattern and journey and do not have this Astrological and Mayan info ~ please message me your time,date and place of birth. This can give you a framework to use to become very proactive in your process if you choose. Be you and shine x

    • Thank you so much for this inspirational comment, it really makes my day when I get feedback that people feel a connection with me through my writing!! I try to be honest when I write, and it sometimes makes me feel very vulnerable, but I’m slowly getting over any fears I have of laying myself bare through posts like these. I appreciate the offer I think anything that promotes a state of flow and getting into a proactive and productive mode is a plus thank you once again for the kind compliments on my writing style and for this lovely comment all the best to you Jo!! 🙂

  97. I m sailing in the same boat Mr. Relentos bcos my blogs are too not fetching any viewer. But u rightly wrote that if u want to rise, u must fall first. One day will come when I would be viewed by more people like u. Congrats for being followed by a sizeable viewers. Love ur blogs n of course u too.

    • Thank you so much for the compliments of my blog!! With time viewers come I’m very thankful to have anybody reading my thoughts it’s a blessing, and I’ve found in my own personal experience in life that we just need to never stop experimenting and trying new approaches, thank you once again for the kind comment!!

  98. Thank you so much, Oscar, for being the very first person to like my blog. I felt…giddy! I had just picked my first summer tomato, and sat down to eat it and opened my email. When I read that you “liked” my post about Kara, I took a bite of my tomato and was celebratory! Cheers to both of us, and to summer tomatoes!
    I, too, have received a few rejection letters. When I opened my first, my editor/friend/mentor told me that it was a very GOOD rejection letter, because it was personal and they offered suggestions of who to send my work to. I felt oddly proud.
    So, I am especially grateful at the moment for having the opportunity to meet you through your work, and although I have only read this post and some responses, I am going to read more, and will await inspiring emails in my inbox when your new posts arrive.
    All the best to you!

    • You’re more than welcome I’m honored to do so!! Your story about your piano student is an incredible story of overcoming and triumph of the human spirit it’s beautiful, it makes me realize I have no excuses in my own life for not living a happy fulfilling life and for overcoming the obstacles I face personally.
      And that’s fantastic that you received a personalized rejection letter with honest suggestions of how you should proceed with your work!! I’m just thankful to have readers of any of my posts at this point and people interested in my writing, I haven’t been posting as often as of late though I have been keeping very active in the blogosphere and I make sure to respond to comments on my posts though I’m not always as timely about it as I would like to be. My schedule has gotten very recently very crammed and it has left me very stressed out haha I digress but I’m so happy to meet you and best of luck to you with your literary pursuits Arleen!! Happy blogging!! 🙂

      • I am totally impressed at how timely you responded, and you have set a high bar for me to follow. I will try to do the same for anyone who writes to me, because it feels so good to know you are being heard! Thanks again.

        • No problem at all I apologize for not being as timely for this response haha but I do try my best to respond in a timely fashion, life’s all over the place as of late but I try to do right by those kind enough to read my thoughts. It does feel good to know you are being heard and not screaming into a vacuum I wholeheartedly agree, all the best to you!!

  99. First, Oscar, thank you for visiting my site and liking my post (Inklings of a Bookworm: Second, you’ll never get acceptance letters if you don’t send out your work and get rejection letters. And third… Tristine Rainer in “Your Life as Story” says that the value of writing “may be measured not in how many people it reaches or good reviews it receives, but in the experience creating it gives the writer.” That’s where I am at the moment in writing my book ( Don’t quit. Keep writing.

    • I completely hear that, in a weird way writing really changed me, the experience itself was a rewarding mix of emotions. And I agree we need to be willing to get through the rejections to get to the acceptances!! And you’re more than welcome, thank you for checking out my blog as well and for taking the time to write a kind and insightful comment like this one 🙂

  100. I love your honesty. Don’t give up keep trying and while you are trying. Celebrate writing that many words is amazing. I’m writing my first novel and so far I only have 35,000 words and I can get down on myself sometimes but our jobs as writers is to write. You did that you should be proud you started and finished. Also make sure you send it out to many people and don’t take no for an answer. Also have you thought of self publishing?

    • So happy you feel the honesty in my writing I try to just write from the heart and see where it takes me, and I know you can get to whatever word count goal you have in mind keep writing!! I didn’t think the story I was creating would expand quite so far but it did and I’m now trying to bring it down, but I appreciate your positive mindset on that word count it’s a good perspective for me to take thank you!! I have thought of self-publishing, I’ve been getting stretched thin at work as of late but I have been steadily considering different avenues in the realm of self-publishing my story but the exact approach I haven’t yet gotten set in stone in my mind just yet. Thank you for the kind comment!! 🙂

    • It’s a tough going indeed getting work noticed I need to build my own stamina as well, and I wish I’d gotten more into yoga at a younger age it probably would have done me some good maybe I still could I don’t know haha I’m not flexible at all best of luck to you as well!!

  101. Oscar that is an inspiration, thanks a lot. Nomatter the storm it’s just to testify how well crafted and strong your ship is, it’s then left for you to believe in it or allow in go under the ocean, I believe you you are in for a change to our generation.God Bless you

    • You’re more than welcome, I’m happy to inspire in whatever way I can I’m very happy my writing has resonated with you.. I agree it’s up to us as individuals to decide whether or not we let our ships sink or we build them up to withstand the storms of life. God bless you as well all the best to you my friend 🙂

  102. This year, I am finally publishing my mystery novel _Bait and Switch_ with a small publisher. It took forever, but I got there. I agree with the comment that you do have a nice way with prose. Just keep at it. Pay attention to any critiques you get. Some may not be useful because the editor or agent is looking for something you don’t intend to give him/her. Some will give you useful tips or suggestions, so pay attention and think, consider what you need to do. Whatever the case, stick with it and keep editing and revising. The time it took me to get published gave me the time to come up with a better work – made me a better writer. Don’t give up.

    • Thank you so much for this insightful comment and congratulations on getting your work published that’s awesome!! And I appreciate the compliment of my writing, I definitely agree that I need to pay careful attention to critiques and advice I’m very open to outside thoughts and perspectives I know that familiarity can cloud my judgment of my work, but I do my best to defend perspectives and thoughts that I think are of value within my work. I’ve yet to have the experience of an editor or agent looking at my manuscript with a microscope but I do hope to have my work carefully critiqued some day in the future if the Universe so wills it haha thank you for the supportive advice I’ll be sure to keep at it, I do believe that this period of time trying to get representation or a publisher for my work is causing me to pause and reflect and re-consider approaches, and in the end making me a better writer for the struggle. Thank you so much once again it means a lot to me to get insightful comments like these 🙂

  103. Your novel . . . if I were going to write a novel, I would give it structure for success. There is a lot of information out there for the number of chapters, the length of chapters, and where it should climax and level out to the fantastic end. Once I decided who’s information on that is the best, based on what historically sells in your type of novel – I would make an outline for the chapters. The last step would be to write the chapters from your passion / writing heart. Int that first write you do no editing, just WRITE. Once you do the entire book, then you do the editing for cutting all unnecessary words and phrases, cutting unnecessary scenes that do not move the novel forward, add what is needed for clarity, and for transitions from paragraph to paragraph, and chapter to chapter. That sounds clinical, but it works. When you feel you are rambling too much, or writers block on a chapter, you could do what I call chapter therapy with an outline of it’s own – such as you would do for a commentary – write the main action for the chapter, and ten progressive ideas to accomplish that chapter..
    I wrote a book once, but shredded it ten years later due to realizing I wrote it for self therapy, during a transitional time in my life. I changed my life immensely for the better. I may do it again, but from the slant of giving advice from experience that just may be what someone else needs to read to change their life.

    • I apologize for the late reply thank you for this deeply insightful comment and for your giving me personal insights informed by your experience as a writer. I agree, it needs structure I wrote my first draft just free flowing and getting everything down, but it ended up being huge and it needs to be wittled down substantially. Now that I’ve separated myself from my manuscript for some time, I feel I have a better feel for which pieces are vital to the story and which pieces needed to be ripped out of it, as well as which portions need to be accelerated so the plot quickens. I do believe most writing is self-therapy, so if you indeed shredded a piece of work you had created that makes me very sad hopefully you kept some of it at the very least!! I thank you for the advice though, it’s very helpful to get perspectives like these they inform my decisions moving forward in regards to my writing, very much so appreciated all the best to you Juanita!! 🙂

  104. When I finally gave myself permission to simply write, following only the format of my heart and quest, is when the writing became my own teacher and growth was a private celebration. For me, life and the writing included can serve only one purpose – Self Realization. The readers who resonate with your shared path will find you and seek wisdom shared with no care of !00,000 words or 5. The truth is what we are seeking. Writing is a tool that nudges us to the depths of stones we will forever turn over until we simply “Get It”.
    Fall we shall and rise again is a collective journey. Onward Deer One!

    • It is indeed a collective journey and I’m happy that others feel a sense of their own journey in my writings!! That’s phenomenal that you’ve found self realization through your creative endeavors, it’s the purest bliss. I agree that it’s the truth we seek in our writing, and that we’re trying to pry the depths of our own minds when we create. All the best to you deer one thank you so much for the kind comment!!

    • Thank you so much for the well wishes, I try to speak from the heart I didn’t really expect this post to get any views when I put it up haha but I’m extremely grateful that people who have stopped by my blog connected with it, thank you so much for the comment!!

  105. Oscar: First, thanks for “liking” my recent blog post. Second, I wish you all the best in your pursuits. I think you have a healthy attitude about your writing, even if you are having doubts about making a living at it. I fully understand your need to write. I have the same need, and I started my blog earlier this year for a similar reason – as a way to push myself to get my words out into the world. Keep looking forward and believing in yourself! I’m pulling for you!

    • You’re more than welcome I like the sea as well but have always respected the dangers that come with large masses of water. And thank you so much I appreciate the well wishes!! I try to stay as level headed as I can, I understand it’s not something that happens quickly. It’s tough to shake that impulse to write once it comes, I’ll be sure to keep looking forward and believing thank you so much for your kind-hearted support!!

      • Thank you so much I really appreciate the support don’t worry I haven’t given up I know I haven’t been blogging as much as of late because a number of things have come in to eat away at my time but I am very much so considering self-publishing and very much so still modifying my manuscript to make it into a more marketable piece of fiction, thank you so much once again for the support and the kind comment

  106. Definitely do not let this one rejection letter change your goals or your writing. My last relationship was with a writer. He sent out so many queries and got back so many rejection letters. I saw, and could feel, how hard they were on him. Then I saw him put those feelings into improving his book, then to writing more great books, and then into writing magazine articles which did get published and kicked off his career. Your current book is very long. It sounds like you are aware of recommended lengths, so I won’t get into that.

    Any time you choose a career in the arts, you are choosing to weather a lot of rejection. Mixed in with that will be some acceptances. And those will feel like the skies opened up and shined light on you. Hallelujah! Improve your odds by sending more queries out.

    Hang in there!


    • I apologize for the late reply thank you for taking the time to create this deep and thoughtful comment, I agree a career in the arts will inevitably lead to loads of pain and anxiety and failure, and it’s our job to sublimate all that which is negative and feed it to our flame. I pray my Hallelujah moment will come haha I’ll hang in there! Thank you so much once again!!

  107. Hi Oscar…As I look at my lovely wallpapered writing nook (papered in rejection letters) I note that writing teaches one to expand their mind, improve their vocabulary and grammar, and to find those hidden treasures locked in their hearts and minds and unabashedly share them with the world. Then I note that dealing with agents and literary houses adds other traits to the writer. Traits like developing a thick skin, finding new and exciting ways to curse people and, in my case, the perfection of creating voodoo dolls. Send me their name and I’ll stick an extra pin in for you.

    • Indeed it does force us to expand our minds and discover thoughts within ourselves we didn’t know existed, and it does thicken your skin haha I feel little to no animosity to them for the most part I understand it’s a business and they’re thinking about things in terms of risk and reward, it’s just our job to make them see the real risk was not taking a chance on us gotta keep pushing in this sort of field thank you so much for the kind comment 🙂

  108. Oscar, thanks for your transparency and speaking aloud what so many in our writing community contemplates privately. The pathway to our writing destiny may be crowded with obstacles, temptations and detours that threaten to push us off course but no way will we go under. A temporary change of altitude shifts our position to better appreciate both lesser and greater opportunities to deploy our writing voice. Thanks for visiting my blog. Write-on!

    • You’re more than welcome I’m just grateful that others have felt something as a result of this post!! There will be many obstacles indeed, but we can’t break focus and we can’t stop pushing forward like you mentioned in your own post, we’ve got to go get our dreams. Fresh starts are beautiful things, I’m still in the midst of my own. I wish you all the best in your journey write on indeed!!

  109. I think you’ve just translated my grey matter into words… my once new (but hardly used) blog had been set aside; my cookbook had languished and really I think I just didn’t want to face that it was unlikely anyone would want to read what I had to write about. But I do have to. Write about it, that is. Who cares if I fall. At least it means I’m moving.

    • I hear you we have to stay in a state of action, I’ve found myself writing a lot of things alone as of late with a reluctance to put it up on my blog for whatever complicated reasons, but I hear you that we need to write. I’m thankful you felt a connection to this piece of mine thank you so much for the kind comment 🙂

    • I have indeed but I’ve been holding off on going all the way to that route until I’ve fully exhausted all other avenues as I know the type of challenge that route poses, not that all routes don’t pose their own unique challenges but without the support of an agent or a publishing company and professional editing, I just know that I need to have it all the way thought through before going all in in that direction, thank you so much for the comment!!

  110. Thanks for sharing your journey! If you love writing, you mustn’t give up. I’ve been where you are. I’ve been a published author for over 10 years, and I still have my low moments. As with most things in life, there will be highs and lows. Best wishes to you! 🙂

    • That’s so awesome that you were able to get published!! And I thank you for your empathizing, I agree we mustn’t give up highs and lows come with the territory, best wishes to you as well!! 🙂

  111. Oscar, first and foremost, keep writing. You may step back now and then, but if you are compelled to write, keep writing. I have heard that one may get a box full of rejections, before one piece gets published. Like yourself, I have one follower and it is rare that others bother to read what I am writing, though I have run the gambit of sending out teasers in e-mail and facebook – I sometimes think my friends and relatives are waiting until I am dead before they read my work. My one faithful follower does not read everything, but she keeps encouraging me. When I lament that no one is reading my blog, she says, but you must keep writing.

    Are you journaling? Taking notes all the time? For me writing the blog is the evolution of family and friends news and views letters I wrote, printed and mailed out to 20-30 people every 6-8 weeks for twenty years. Some of the people I sent to them said they really missed the letters, but do they read the blog? Of course not. One friend suggested that my letters were my writing practice. Perhaps that is a good way of looking at blogging. It is good practice for writing and developing your work – for telling your story. If we are lucky, perhaps the person/people who are meant to read our words, will find them.

    • I agree, first and foremost we have to keep writing, I know that it’s no easy road and I’m in it for the long haul. I do take consistent notes and consistently write short stories and try to refine my craft by reading works I have deep respect for all the while constantly trying to revise my work. I’m with you in the hope that in time more and more people will continue to discover our works best wishes to you 🙂

  112. you wrote another interesting blog about movement and action- there may be a correlation there that speaks deeply to how you’re made:)

    just for me i find that assessing writing as something cathartic even speaks to that… and there’s always a purpose for how we are made beyond the catharsis it brings us in return for our offerings!

    • Thank you so much for the support!! I’m thankful you liked that line, I agree we need to fail to grow as individuals. And no problem at all that’s awesome that you get to live in Toronto I’ve always wanted to visit it seems so culturally diverse plus it is the land of Drake and the Weeknd haha thanks for the good luck wishes as well happy blogging!! 🙂

  113. This is great! I am 100% there with you, my friend!

    Your story reminds me a lot of one of my more recent posts “A continuous falling and picking yourself back up.” Feel free to read here:

    If there is any way that I can add value to your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Have a beautiful day Oscar! 🙂

    <3 Brittany Marley

    Inspirational Blogger @
    Health Coach @

    • Thank you so much!! I found your perspective that you only answer to yourself to be an empowering thought, something I need to remember more than I have these days. Thank you so much for the offer as well I appreciate it all the best to you as well!!

  114. I’m glad you wrote about it – I feel very clearly your journey. I’ve spent the past year in a similar mental battle with myself – being told by so many who meet me that I “HAVE TO WRITE A BOOK! YOU CAN:T MAKE THAT STUFF UP!” etc etc (mine is clearly memoir oriented) and knowing it’s a particularly compelling story that is commercially viable (I come from an entertainment industry background myself) however unlike yourself, I haven’t amassed the courage to even go for it in any sense at all, constantly doubting myself, convincing myself I am not even a strong enough writer to tell my OWN story! So in my opinion, kudos to you for taking that leap at all, don’t give up, don’t stop, don’t do what I do and convince yourself of a million reasons to keep your creativity and stories to yourself. And thanks for liking my very first attempt of any kind to express myself publicly – it has taken a long time for me to even have the guts to post something so simple, and I was pleased to check out your own posting and find it articulating much more eloquently than I can the inner turmoil of the life of aspiring writers.

    • I’m very happy you feel what I wrote in this piece, and that’s awesome that you have that type of encouragement from amongst your peers and people you know to write your book you must have lived a really interesting life so far!! And I wouldn’t consider myself particularly courageous I think that at some point you’ll break through your own mental barriers and push forward, but thank you so much for the kudos. I very much agree with your perspective that it’s a healing experience to share our struggles with others, I know that to be very true for myself in particular. Best of luck to you in your journey and thank you for the kind comment!! 🙂

  115. Congratulations. Rejection letters mean you’re writing and submitting! I had so many on file before I got an agent. Got published but my 2nd novel I self-published! It is a satisfying way to go, really. The downside is that I don’t like to market. Oh well.

    • Thank you so much and that’s tremendous you got published congrats to you as well!! I believe that it could be a very satisfying route it’s one I’m certainly considering now, all the best to you thank you for the kind comment 🙂

  116. I have been working on a book for a few years now, and even though it’s still not completed, my intent is to have it done by the end of the year. It isn’t that I wanted to wait this long, but it’s a memoir that is heartbreaking and resilient. It’s hard to go back to something repeatedly that will always contain some grief. So I’m not at the point you are with getting a rejection letter, but I think it’s awesome you have made yourself vulnerable to that possibility. That’s hard to do. We all hear stories about authors getting rejection letters repeatedly, which doesn’t make it hurt any less. In my mind, it’s nice to know you’re not alone. And the fact that you have 400 + comments on this one post makes me wonder what your secret is. I’d love to have that many followers on my blog. Please share how you did that!

    • That’s awesome that you’ve got a goal with regards to your memoir I’m sure you’ll reach it if you persist!! I hear you in terms of it being hard to write about personal moments that are heavily charged with emotion, I believe it’s Stephen King who said “Do not go lightly to the blank page.” It’s never easy to get writing stories like that. I’m sure you’ll reach the point where you’re able to get your work out there in the hands of people who may know what to do with it within the industry. My journey’s been something of a struggle, but hopefully there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I agree, it’s nice to know we’re not alone in our literary journeys it numbs the ache of feeling so lost. I’d say my main secret is striving to interact with other bloggers as much as I can, I try to make sure I get back to commenters and I encourage feedback to posts I put up. And it takes a lot of time and persistence!! Thank you so much for the comment and best of luck to you in writing your memoir!! Happy blogging!! 🙂

  117. Oscar, firs tof all, thank you for liking my post.

    In a sense, I am in the same boat as you (I am trying to interest agents in my first novel) when it comes to writing though I have had some success as a non-fiction writer. All the best!

    • That’s awesome that you’ve at least all ready had some success with writing congrats!! And no problem at all, I’m always hungry so I’m glad the blogosphere’s so chocked full of foodporn haha nice post on homemade banana flour all the best to you as well!! 🙂

  118. “I’m willing to write and fall better.” I love this line! I also appreciate your honesty, vulnerability, and insightful way of conceptualizing this step in your writing career. I am going to start tomorrow hoping to fail better at my shortcomings. Thank you.

    And don’t give up on your writing! You have a gift.

    • Thank you so much for the kind compliments!! Getting a sense like this of how my writing impacts others helps me feel it’s not all in vain, I wish you nothing but the best in your every pursuit and I wish you growth and self-overcoming. Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement and have a most blessed day!! 🙂

  119. “I’m reluctant to put this post on my blog for several reasons. First and foremost, because at the rate that I’ve been blogging I don’t have regular viewers, and so it’s clear that as of now nobody’s going to even read it.”

    Lots of us — hundreds — not only read but “liked” this. Keep going.

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment!! Don’t worry I most certainly am. It’s a marathon but I’m doing my best to keep the pace editing and making my manuscript as solid as I can, thanks once again for the encouragement!!

  120. Dear Oscar, keep writing… if an agent sends a letter of reply, even if a rejection, see it as positive, if you can. Mostly I send my books off and never hear another thing.
    Your writing is full of humanity, considered and reflective. Don’t stop.

    • Thank you so much for your positivity every bit of motivation greatly helps, I’m still pushing hard to get where I want to get with a literary career and I’m attending a workshop within the next few months and I’m pitching some agents face to face. I made up my mind after not receiving much in the form of encouragement in my first rejection letter to not continue querying until my manuscript was within a limit closer to industry standards for debut novelists, and now that I feel it’s short enough I think it’s worth making a full push now. I really appreciate your positive and supportive words and I’ll be sure to keep going, I’ve come too far now to let my foot off and I wish you all the success in the world with your writing as well!! And happy painting and blogging!!

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